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Halloween Is So “Afar” Away

I’ve been finishing up a few items for the holiday season 2017, including this custom half-round quilted table runner for Halloween.  My Halloween decorations, though, are all currently stored away – it is May, after all.  So for the photo staging I used my purple plaster Australopithecus afarensis skull that is on permanent display in the library.  (What?  Doesn’t everyone have one?)



“Whos” Coming for Dinner?

grinchmas1Last year I had the best time creating Grinch-themed holiday decorations for our living room, but this year, I realized something… there’s lots more rooms in our house!

So, I tossed a coin between the bedroom and the dining room, and the dining room won (don’t feel left out, bedroom – I’m coming for you next year.)

I started with an idea inspired by View from the Fridge –  a table runner with hand written lyrics from a favorite Christmas song.  I’d planned to do the same with the lyrics from “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”.  Then my husband suggested each placemat feature a stanza, and, well, that pulled the whole thing together…

Whoville Dining Set #DrSeuss #Grinch

Here’s close-ups of each placemat –

Whoville Placemats and Napkins #DrSeuss #Grinch

My lyrics were printed at Spoonflower on linen-cotton canvas.  Everything is quilted, except the coordinating fabric napkins, which were hemmed.  The candlesticks were a Christmas gift from a few years ago and I found the napkin rings and Grinch glasses on Ebay.

I love how everything turned out – so much so that no one will be eating anything even near this new dining set. Want to enjoy your Who hash, Who pudding and roast beast?  No problem!  That’s what they make paper plates and TV trays for.  🙂

Ready for the Wishbone

If I get the bigger half of the wishbone this Thanksgiving, I’m wishing to become a better photographer. I’ve been working for days trying to get the color right on this photo, with no luck. In real life, this turkey table runner and these Gobble Gobble pillows really brighten up my autumn decor!

Thanksgiving Quilted Items

Bewitching Contest Prizes

Remember my Checkerboard contest from back in August? The table runner prizes are ready to ship out this weekend…

quilted Halloween table runners

Since I only had two entries and couldn’t bring myself to choose between them, I decided make each one a winner. Steph B. of Buda, TX is receiving the “batty beauty”. Mary R. of Menifee, CA asked for something that could be displayed all autumn long, so the “gourd-eous” one is hers.

Keep your eye out for future contests and your chance to win a custom quilted item from Whimzie Quiltz and More (that’s me!) too…

Now We’re Cooking… with Quilts

A pinch of thread, a smidgen of batting and a heaping bowlful of colorful fabric – they’re all part of the recipe for a warm and comfy kitchen. After all, too many cooks may spoil the broth, but too many quilted kitchen accessories can never spoil the fun!

Don’t wear any old apron to protect your clothes from messy spills and splatters when a custom quilted apron can provide you with extra layers of protection. Then, while your entrée’s cooking, quilted bread warmers (and their saucy, South of the Border cousins, tortilla warmers) will keep your already baked goods hot and fresh. And when your gourmet meal is finally ready, table runners and placemats let you serve in style – Whimzie Quiltz can specially design “tasty” sets to complement any kitchen or dining room.

More Inspiration…

Even before you get to the kitchen, quilts can come in handy with shopping cart seat covers keeping kids comfy and germ-free while mom and dad do the weekly grocery shopping.

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