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Shrink Ray?!? No Way!

You say there’s an evil super villain with a shrink ray taking over the world? I’m not worried – I’ll just move into my new Altoid tin Whimzie Quiltz studio and keep right on quilting…


As you can see from the photos below, I tried to recreate my actual sewing studio as faithfully as possible.

Starting with the lid on the left, there’s the felt wall that I use to audition blocks and photograph quilts, a “sew fun” inspirational message and a teeny tiny copy of my book, A Quilter’s Christmas Carol (life-size versions still available in my Etsy store.)

On the right side, I used leftover pink wall paint for the background and hung a mini blind and three decorative “oversized” buttons, topping it off with miniaturized fabric banner just like the one hanging in my room.

In real life, I have a planter/vase shaped like a giant thimble where I keep scissors and pens – in the mini version, I included a Monopoly thimble (RIP). The tiny spools of thread came pre-wound with pink so they fit in nicely with no alterations and I used scraps of pink and orange fabrics from my stash for the bolts of fabric.

My real sewing machine is white – I painted the mini sewing machine white; my everyday scissors are orange – I painted two mini scissors orange.  The sewing cabinet in my room is finished in cherry wood grain laminate; it was easy to stain a small piece of balsa wood to represent that color finish in the tin.

One final tip if you want to create your own –  I cut the prongs off of 4 tiny brads (the kind you use for scrapbooking) and glued the heads on the right side of Altoid tin as feet. Without these, since the lid side is bigger, the tin leaned to the right when open for display.  Brad feet keep everything nice and level.

I found part of the fun of this project was making the Altoid tin match my actual sewing studio as closely as possible, but I could totally see creating the sewing room you’ve always wanted as a mini version, too.

If you do decide to make one, please share a photo with me as I’d love to “visit”… and that way we can all thumb our noses at shrink ray-wielding super villains!


Spring Has Sprung at Whimzie Quiltz

I may have started with spring cleaning, but I’ve moved way beyond that now – I’m into total spring organizing, with a hefty dose of spring color, too!

First up is a chest of drawers I’ve had in my sewing room for a while.  I wasn’t using it to it’s fullest capacity and it looked a little plain.  No more!  I recovered the fronts of all the drawers in scrappy, happy pink and orange fabrics –


And once the chest looked so much cuter, I decided it could be useful after all.  Every drawer is now organized and ordered – and full!  (I even covered the drawer dividers themselves with a pretty pink and orange fabric.  I’m telling you, I really got into this…)

Next, I created a quilted organizer for my fusible and stabilizers that hangs on the back of the door.  This gets them out of the bin I’d been storing them (where they just kept un-rolling and mixing together.  Could never find what I needed when I needed it.)  Now everything is rolled, neatly pocketed and handy –


Since my brand color scheme is pink and orange, I’ve been collecting these pink and orange fabrics for a while.  Decorating with them is so bright, scrappy and fun – and seeing every thing come together puts a little spring in my step whenever I start to sew!

Tee hee – when my husband looked in last night he said, “Well, it certainly is energetic in here.”