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Counting Down to Halloween “vith” Count von Count ~ Ah! Ah! Ah!

Happy October 1st! It seems like the perfect day to share that, in addition to all the Halloween Advent calendars I made for sale, I snuck in a Sesame Street-themed one for myself ~


Today’s blog post has been brought to you by the letters W and Q and the number 31.


Today’s Quilt is Brought to You by the Letters W and Q

My early education was powered by the Electric Company and my Schoolhouse rocked. I had a neighbor named Rogers. And I grew up on the street… Sesame Street, that is.

So when my inner 6-yr old decided she wanted something to curl up with, I knew exactly what quilt to create –


When I was buying fabric for this quilt back in April, the shop owner asked if I’d share the pattern so she could make quilts for 4-8 yr old kids with cancer. I said of course, but didn’t have the heart to tell her I was making the original for 45+ yr old me!

The idea for this quilt came from a t-shirt design contest.  The original artist chose a more traditional Piet Mondrian look, but when I laid it out in fabric there was too much white space.  The simplest solution?  Add more color!  (I also removed an Elmo block and added the sign logo.  Elmo came along years after my Sesame Street experience and I’ve never understood the adoration of that squeaky little character.)

streetfabricI lucked into a sale for the backing fabric, finding yards and yards of Quilting Treasures’ Welcome to Sesame Street street sign fabric in green for more than half off!  I needed a lot, too, as the quilt itself is twin-sized at 66.5″ x 87.5″.

What quilting to do on this one left me struggling for a while, until I realized that all-over pebble quilting would contrast beautifully with the straight lines the blocks.  It was the perfect choice – fresh and fun – and it gives the finished quilt so much texture.

Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert & Ernie, the Count, Cookie Monster and my favorite, Oscar the Grouch ( he and I have so much in common 😀 ) – I have so many wonderfully warm memories of these childhood friends.  Now I can stay warm, too, under this fabulous quilt and relive all those fun times.