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Quilting and Fabric Shopping Are Two Entirely Different Hobbies

I finished my new fabric shopping tote just in time for this weekend’s San Diego Quilt Show… it’s quite roomy and I can’t wait to fill ‘er up!


I had the image printed on a t-shirt at VistaPrint – their heat transfer process does an amazingly crisp and clear print on bright cotton knits. Using 7 oz cotton duck for the stripe and black fabrics gives the bag enough heft for stability, but keeps it light enough to carry. And it’s fully lined with a super cute grey dot that coordinates with the image.

Speaking of that image – the utterly adorable seamstress is from LovelyToCU. I fell in love with her the moment I saw it on Etsy.  This one’s mine, all mine 😀 , but I’m considering purchasing the commercial license so that I can sell these bags – what do you think, fellow quilters? Would you want to own one of these totes for yourself or maybe gift one to a quilty friend?



Tote-ally Awesome Quilting

DeVon D.’s email read,

“I am a runner.  I would really like some type of tote made from [all these race shirts and race bibs that are just sitting around.] Any thoughts? Feel like tackling this?”

13 years of custom quilting and I’d never made a quilted tote bag! But, hey, I love a challenge, so I said, “Sure!”

While waiting for her marathon shirts to arrive, I decided to do a trial bag.  That’s how I ended up with this ENORMOUS beach tote.  I mean, it’s big.  REALLY big.  Like “hide the pregnant actress’ belly because it’ll ruin her character’s storyline” big.


With a few adjustments, though, I felt ready to take on DeVon’s projects. She sent me enough shirts that I ended up quilting her both a beach tote and a book tote.

And, I threw in a quilted backpack, just for the fun of it.


These were definitely a fun little digression from regular quilting.  I liked having to figure out the math as I went along to get to a normal size on the bags and the instant gratification of finishing a small project is always nice.

And DeVon seems pretty happy with them, too.  She posted yesterday on the Whimzie Quiltz Facebook page,

“I knew you were the right person to hand that project over to. The totes are all great and I just adore the fun Jingle Bell Run back pack. Such creativity!”

Get Your Quilt On… with Quilted Clothing

Quilted clothing actually came before quilted blankets — hieroglyphs in Egyptian tombs show people wearing stitched together layers as early as 3500 BCE.** That means, for more than 55 centuries, quilted items have been found in the closets of the most chic fashionistas.

An insulated and durable quilted jacket is a common outerwear choice when the temperature dips each winter; you’re bound to stay cozy and comfortable wearing one. But warmth isn’t the only feature you get with a quilted jacket. Stunning options are available to dress up the most casual outfit, many decorated and embellished to the point that they almost become wearable art. Even some of the biggest names in fashion – think Armani or Balmain – sell quilted pants and skirts. The rich, textured appearance of quilted fabrics is a natural fit for luxurious designer brands.

More Inspiration…
Perhaps the most iconic way to wear quilts, though, is with a purse. Accessorize with a custom quilted clutch for an evening on the town, a quilted backpack for a brisk country hike or a quilted tote for every day… any of which can be custom made just for you by
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**Bed quilts didn’t appear until the late 1300s.