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Not a Fez, But Just as Cool


You know the saying “More Ideas than Time“? Yeah, that’s my life. I’ve had the idea to add a Doctor Who / Police Box ribbon to this blue wool hat since November 2015.

I finally finished it this weekend, 2 years and 8 months later.

My embroidery machine is wonderful, but what I really need is a time machine to get all my crafty projects done…




Gettin’ Festive with Your Favorite Fandoms III


Holiday countdown calendars featuring your favorite fandoms are now available in my Etsy store

I’m super excited to debut all 5 for Christmas 2017, but this one is extra timey-wimey in anticipation of the 13th Doctor!

:: Countdown to the Christmas Special ::

Spend every year in delicious anticipation the Doctor Who Christmas special with this TARDIS Advent / countdown calendar. Fill each pocket with your favorite hard candy or a Hershey’s kiss and count down the days until the premiere!

10.5″ x 21.5″ :: holds 25 small candies :: hanger included


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