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Elbisrever* Grinch Pillow (*It’s Reversible!)

In my continuing quest to Grinch-ify my house during the holidays as much as possible (see Grinch-y WINQs and “Slipping” Into Something a Bit More Grinch-y and “Whos” Coming for Dinner? among other blog posts,) I’ve just added this pillow set.

The long pillow is based on text from Dr. Seuss’ book. I went for a reversible cover – for most of December I’ll have the first side showing, but come December 25th, I’ll flip it over for the second.

The Grinch character pillow is from Pottery Barn Kids, but I added new, fuller pom pom trim to the outside. Because one should never settle for store bought holiday decor when Whimzie Quiltz can make it better!





A Case for More Pillows

I’ve been quilting a while now.  Nearly 20 years.  And in that time, I’ve accumulated a lot of finished projects.

When completed quilts started taking over the house, I figured that switching some of my ideas to quilted pillows would mean less to store.  Now that pillows have piled up in nearly every room, I realize that may not have been the answer.

And still I make more…

This one was inspired by a print I saw online.  As a former Kansas resident, and a lover of bad puns, I felt I had to recreate the image in fabric. Apologies for the earworm that just started in your head.


This set will be part of our Grinch-themed holiday decorations (see, not all the pillows I make are displayed at the same time. I don’t have a problem, I swear!)


And I loved this meme that came across my desk so much, I not only made it into a quilted pillow, but it’s going to be the theme of our holiday card this year (I’m working on a way to make the card actually smell like peppermint and wondering if it’s possible to do the same with the pillow 🙂 )




Quoth the Raven

While putting the final stitches on 2016, I realized a few Whimzie Quiltz projects from the year didn’t get posted. This one is a pillow I made for myself right around Halloween…

I’ve never read Stephen King. Or Clive Barker. Usually, the closest I’ll get to reading a horror story is “There’s a Monster at the End of this Book“.  But there is one horror author whose work I return to again and again since first reading him in high school – Edgar Allan Poe.

While I still have nightmares about the tell-tale heart, it was his most famous poem that inspired me to create a Poe pillow –


The versatility of my favorite scrappy pillow design knows no bounds… ok, it probably knows a few bounds, but using multiple black fabrics in the border really worked in this case.  To get the right look for the center, I tea-stained a background fabric from my stash and machine appliquéd “Nevermore.” and the raven in black.  The 14″ x 28″ pillow form is a standard size from Jo Ann’s, but because it’s so big, the finished piece really has a presence.

Originally, this was to be a decorative pillow just for Halloween. But once the holiday passed, I decided to keep it out all year long in our library.  Literary pillows need to be a thing, right? I know! So if you have any suggestions for other book or poem-themed pillow shams, share them in the comments…

Let’s Be Mermaids

Sandra C. contacted me through my Etsy site wanting a custom checkers game board for her and her two daughters.  She chose an absolutely adorable mermaid fabric –


When it came time to make the playing pieces, I couldn’t decide on which colors, so I sent three sets – pink, purple and green – so each of them could pick a favorite.

The mermaid idea got my creative juices flowing, and, just for fun, I used those three fabrics to create mermaid pillows for the three of them, also –


I sent the game and pillows off, hoping for at most a nice review on Etsy.  Instead, I got these hand-drawn thank yous from each of her girls –


I’ve gotten thank yous before, and I always, always appreciate them, but this was one of the sweetest gestures ever.  It really made me remember why I do what I do – and made me want to do even more! 😀

Dare to Dream

Sometimes you just get a meme – or maybe a meme just gets you.  It was like that the first time I saw “Don’t Quit Your Day Dream”.

I really liked what it said about following your dreams and how it turned the old “don’t quit your day job” taunt on it’s head.  It seemed especially appropriate given that I gave up my day job for the dream of making people happy by creating custom quilts.

So I turned it into a pillow –


Since Whimzie Quiltz’ colors are pink and orange, finding the cheerful ombre fabric for the lettering thrilled me to no end.  Then there was A LOT of searching through my fabric stash to find the right shades for the scrappy border, but the final look was so worth it.

What’s your day dream?