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What Do You Call 13 Consecutive Jayhawk Basketball Conference Titles? A Beaker’s Dozen, Of Course

This pillow makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it. So glad I got it finished before my team begins it’s attempt at a 14th straight conference win!



Bird Watching on the Kaw


I mostly design my own quilts, but there are times I’m browsing Pinterest and see a quilt that just makes me green with envy. Lorna McMahon’s Black Birds quilt pattern was on of those. I mean, look at this quilt to the right – is it not the cutest thing you’ve seen today?

I purchased the pattern last September intending to make a version pretty close to hers, maybe in different colors, but mostly the same. Then, one day, I’m looking at her design and it hits me – if those birds had shoes they’d be Jayhawks!

jayhawk-currentIf you don’t follow college sports, the University of Kansas mascot is a made-up bird with a yellow beak, red head, blue body and BIG yellow shoes. I graduated from KU in 19?? (like I’m going to give my age away) and I’m still a proud alum.

With just a few additions, I was able to turn the black birds I already loved into Jayhawks, making a unique and personal quilt just for me! birdwatching

KU’s campus is located in a city called Lawrence near the Kansas River, which is locally called the “Kaw”. Having spent a number of lazy afternoons in a local park watching the river flow by, I choose this quilt’s aqua background fabric so I could name the quilt “Bird Watching on the Kaw.” (I know the river is actually a muddy green, but, hey, watery blue worked with my color scheme 😀 )

The birds themselves are scrappy and I had such a good time picking out various blues and reds and yellows. The quilting was super easy – just wavy lines from side to side to give the impression of water flowing by; since the quilt is backed with Minky plush, the simple quilting keeps the nap from being crushed, too.

I LOVE this quilt. It’s fun, it’s warm and it’s finished just in time to do some ‘bird watching’ during March Madness 2017. I’ll be snuggled up – and cheering the KU men’s basketball team on!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk – go KU!


Quilting the Brackets

NCAA 2015 QuiltsAs a Kansas Jayhawk, March is a special time of year for me. Being a quilter, though, gives me another reason to love March Madness. Over the last 11 years,** I have made custom quilted items for fans of a number of college teams. This year, 7 of the teams in the NCAA tournament have a connection to a custom Whimzie quilt.

Did your team make it to the Big Dance but you don’t have a Whimzie quilt to celebrate with? Contact me today to make sure you are “covered” next year!


**The Jayhawks have been regular season Big 12 champs for 11 straight years; Whimzie Quiltz has been in business for 11 years. Coincidence? I think not! Rock Chalk Jayhawk!