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Team Work Makes the Halloween Nightmare Work

Halloween is my husband’s favorite holiday, so every year I try to add at least one crafty item to our decorations for him. Since he’s home more now, this year we were able to work together, and the result was three spooky cool projects…

Spider Web Halloween Countdown Calendar

While we have several candy holding countdown calendars around here (including this Count Von Count one I posted about earlier this year,) as we get older and, well, rounder, I’ve started looking for non-food options 😀 Which is why we decided to recreate a countdown calendar I originally saw on Pinterest ~ each day you add a toy spider to the web. No additional calories at all!

We scoured thrift stores for the perfect gothic frame, which he cleaned and painted while I sourced and attached the numbers, web and spiders.


I’m showing a picture from earlier this month with just a few spiders, but as October goes on the weight of those cheap plastic arachnids is really stretching the web! We’ll need to solve that problem for next year.

Haunted Dollhouse Mansion

IMG_4386This is project that took the longest – we’d actually been biking to garage sales for over a year, hoping to find a dollhouse available for cheap. (Once, after seeing a dollhouse stored in an open garage during a ride, I almost knocked on the door to see if they’d sell it! I couldn’t go through with it, but that I even thought about doing something so brazen should tell you how determined I was to create a haunted dollhouse this year.)

We ended up lucking on this Calico Critters Cloverleaf Mansion at a thrift store one afternoon back in July – lots of missing pieces as you can see! I tried eBay for doors and porch, but they either weren’t available or people wanted exorbitant prices. So we made the missing parts ourselves…


Here it is glowing at night –


and a close up so the purple of the lights shows a bit better –


A LOT of work went into finishing this project, but I thought I’d just call out a few things if you are thinking about making one yourself.

One, Blick Art Materials (used to be called Dick Blick) has an AMAZING supply of spray paint in shades you just can’t find at the local hardware store. The main gray for the body of the dollhouse came from there – 3 cans! (This is a really big dollhouse :D)

Two, we tried several different ways to get the silhouettes in the windows, but what worked best was transparent overhead projector sheets. Given the ubiquity of PowerPoint these days, I hadn’t thought about overhead projectors in years, but going old school did the trick. (The silhouettes themselves are free printables created by Dave Lowe. He’s an illustrator as well as a set and prop designer and I’m combing the archive on his blog for other amazing Halloween decor ideas. Stay tuned!)

Three, there’s black foam core on the backside, trimmed to fit. Partly to clean it up, but also because the purple lights in the windows shine brighter with it there.  The lights are just mini LEDs you can get almost anywhere, but ours came with remotes which makes turning the lights on and off so much easier than removing the foam core back ever day.

Cat Eye Chair Covers

Since these were sewing/embroidery, this was a project I did alone ~ but my husband did make it easier by being gone on a solo bike ride while I was working 😀

I was particularly excited to reuse the cat eye embroidery design I purchased for the “Got My Eyes on You” Halloween countdown calendar in my Etsy store.


(The TRICK / TREAT quilted pillows are from 2013! Sometimes when I look up stuff like this to post, I can’t believe how long ago I made them; feels like just yesterday.)



Doing these Halloween projects together was a lot of fun and there’s plans for a (my favorite holiday) Christmas craft or two that take advantage of both our skill sets, as well. But time’s sure passing quickly ~ maybe we should add working together to build a time machine to our to-do list!

Counting Down to Halloween “vith” Count von Count ~ Ah! Ah! Ah!

Happy October 1st! It seems like the perfect day to share that, in addition to all the Halloween Advent calendars I made for sale, I snuck in a Sesame Street-themed one for myself ~


Today’s blog post has been brought to you by the letters W and Q and the number 31.


Counting Down to Halloween with Whimzie Quiltz

Welcome to another edition of Looking for a Good Home ~ my chance to show off some of the quilted items currently for sale in my Etsy shop. These posts are purely sales and marketing, without any custom quilt-y tidbits, so feel free to skip on by if you’re more interested in stories behind the quilts I create. If you do stick around, favorites and purchases are always appreciated ~ use the coupon code GOODHOME in store and save 10%!

Does Halloween tend to sneak up on you? Well, I might not be able to stop Halloween from shouting “Boo!” and making you jump, but I can help with keeping track of when the holiday will arrive ~ with a quilted Halloween countdown calendar! I’ve got several looking for a good home, all available at Whimzie Quiltz Etsy right now…

Witch Legs | Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Halloween Countdown Calendar 


Witch Hat | Witching You a Happy Halloween Countdown Calendar


Harlequin Masquerade Pumpkin | Something Wicked This Way Comes Halloween Countdown Calendar


Hanging Bat | Cute Waiting for Halloween Countdown Calendar


Eek! | Cute Spider Halloween Countdown Calendar 


Fang-tastic Candy Cane Vampire Halloween Countdown Calendar 


I’ve Got My (Spooky Cat) Eyes on You Halloween Countdown Calendar 


Don’t Get Caught Holding the (Same Old Wine) Bag This Halloween

I’ve decided to start a new feature in my blog called Looking for a Good Home which will show off some of the quilted items currently for sale in my Etsy shop. These posts are going to be purely sales and marketing, without any custom quilt-y tidbits, so feel free to skip on by if you’re more interested in stories behind the quilts I create. If you do stick around, favorites and purchases are always appreciated ~ use the coupon code GOODHOME in store and save 10%!

Are you just into Halloween for the boos ~ or the booze? If it’s the latter, check out these eerie-sistible quilted wine wrap sets looking for a good home, all available in the Whimzie Quiltz Etsy store now…

Grim Reaper Halloween Wine Bottle Cover & Snack Coasters


Drink Up Witches Halloween Wine Wrap / Mug Rug Set


Bone Appetite Halloween Wine Bottle Cover & Snack Coasters


Just Here for the Boos Halloween Wine Wrap / Mug Rug Set


Click to Read… If You Dare! Bwahahaha

Happy Halloween 2017! Thought I’d share the scariest thing I’ve ever sewn today…


She was an attempt to create a life-sized Cindy Lou Who doll, but – while my quilting skills are pretty good – my doll-making skills are definitely not up to par! I’ve been meaning to create yarn hair for her for months. In the meantime, she’s been moved around our home 3 or 4 times because my husband keeps coming across her and getting freaked out. 😀


Halloween Is So “Afar” Away

I’ve been finishing up a few items for the holiday season 2017, including this custom half-round quilted table runner for Halloween.  My Halloween decorations, though, are all currently stored away – it is May, after all.  So for the photo staging I used my purple plaster Australopithecus afarensis skull that is on permanent display in the library.  (What?  Doesn’t everyone have one?)


Halloween “Please Take Some” Sign

Since Halloween was on a Monday night this year, we didn’t want to sit out in the driveway greeting trick-or-treaters like we have been the last several years.  And, even though we were home, we’re getting too old to get up and down every time the door rings. (Sad, but true.)

So we decided to leave candy on the porch with a sign encouraging kids to take just a couple…


Using our Ring door monitoring system we watched kids come by for an hour or so.  Most read the sign and stuck to the plan, but as the night wore on, the kids got greedier… and we ended up with far less candy than we should have.

To all you gluttonous little goblins and ghouls – thanks for keeping us from eating the leftovers! 🙂

Welcome to My Web

Welcome to our Web ChalkboardHappy October!

To start the month off right, I wanted to share a number of frightfully delightful projects for the upcoming holiday that I’ve been working on. My goal is to make my home and the Whimzie Quiltz studio as eerie-sistible as possible this year. 😀

(BEWARE – not only are my Halloween puns pretty scary, but once you see some of these projects, you may want to make versions for yourself!)

First up is the entryway chalkboard you may have seen before – decked out with a howl-iday greeting. Someday, I want to learn how to do the really cool chalkboard fonts I’ve seen on Pinterest, but this will do in the meantime.

Halloween DisplayAlso in our entryway, I have this little display. It features my version of bat o’laterns (which I originally saw on Pinterest) and a set of quilted ‘Trick’ and ‘Treat’ pillows that I designed this year. And Oops! It looks like a wicked witch got caught flying under the radar – right in to a wall!

Trick Treat PillowsThe pillows were mostly made from scraps I had left over from custom orders, although I bought the evil eye fabric because I thought it was screamingly cute.

Witch LegsThe witch legs were quite the be-witching project! Well, using glitter in anything is pretty scary and, to be honest, these are shedding ALL over the floor, but I still had fun with them. The shoes were clearance heels at Target, with cardboard details and foil curls added, covered with masking tape and gesso and painted black before being glitter-ized. (See my inspiration here.) The thigh high socks are simply stuffed with polyester and fitted – carefully – into the shoes.

Bite MeKeeping with the purple and black color scheme are my ‘Bite Me’ bats. Each letter is made from scraps of fabric stretched over an embroidery hoop for the body and I added felt-backed wings on each side. Again, if I have to be honest, these didn’t turn out quite as boo-tiful as the idea in my head, but I still think they are pretty cute (especially when displayed next to last year’s Halloween countdown calendar – and, yes, I’ve already eaten October 1st’s chocolate.)

Halloween Display 2Nearby, I have another display with a couple more Pinterest inspirations. The ghastly bright eyeballs are foam balls on pipe cleaners, but I found some cool mad scientist beakers and jars to display them in. The fang-tastic vampire pumpkins were based on a Martha Stewart project.

Halloween Candleabra And finally, let me leave you with my favorite Halloween decor project (so far…)

Several months ago, I picked up a newel post at an architectural salvage place downtown. Wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it until I saw a candle chandelier on clearance at Wayfair. By putting them both together and painting the entire piece black, I scared up this spooktacular centerpiece. The crystals were part of the chandelier, but I added the draped black beads. I know you can find something similar to this at almost every store these days (for cheaper, too) but the fact that I made this one makes it way more special.

I’m hoping to find time to finish a few more projects before the clock strikes midnight on October 31st, but I’ve got a pretty good start on the thrills and chills of Halloween. Hope you are inspired to craft a bit mischief (or mayhem) this year, too!