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Counting Down to Grinch-mas

grinchcountdownAs of today, there are 80 days left until Grinch-mas 2017! Yes, I’m counting them down… and I can’t wait to get to use my just finished “Merry Grinch-mas” quilted advent calendar.

It’s the standard design I created years ago, though the first quilted calendar I’ve done with a Grinch / Who-ville theme (check out others in my Whimzie Quiltz Etsy shop.) Each little pocket holds a single peppermint or Hershey’s kiss, so you can enjoy one per day – every day – until the BIG day!

This is the last calendar that my fabulous friend Shirley helped with. I’ve since purchased my own embroidery machine, and it’s a lot of fun, but I miss working with her terribly!


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Elbisrever* Grinch Pillow (*It’s Reversible!)

In my continuing quest to Grinch-ify my house during the holidays as much as possible (see Grinch-y WINQs and “Slipping” Into Something a Bit More Grinch-y and “Whos” Coming for Dinner? among other blog posts,) I’ve just added this pillow set.

The long pillow is based on text from Dr. Seuss’ book. I went for a reversible cover – for most of December I’ll have the first side showing, but come December 25th, I’ll flip it over for the second.

The Grinch character pillow is from Pottery Barn Kids, but I added new, fuller pom pom trim to the outside. Because one should never settle for store bought holiday decor when Whimzie Quiltz can make it better!




A Case for More Pillows

I’ve been quilting a while now.  Nearly 20 years.  And in that time, I’ve accumulated a lot of finished projects.

When completed quilts started taking over the house, I figured that switching some of my ideas to quilted pillows would mean less to store.  Now that pillows have piled up in nearly every room, I realize that may not have been the answer.

And still I make more…

This one was inspired by a print I saw online.  As a former Kansas resident, and a lover of bad puns, I felt I had to recreate the image in fabric. Apologies for the earworm that just started in your head.


This set will be part of our Grinch-themed holiday decorations (see, not all the pillows I make are displayed at the same time. I don’t have a problem, I swear!)


And I loved this meme that came across my desk so much, I not only made it into a quilted pillow, but it’s going to be the theme of our holiday card this year (I’m working on a way to make the card actually smell like peppermint and wondering if it’s possible to do the same with the pillow 🙂 )




Down in Who-ville

Every Who

Down in Who-ville

Liked Christmas a lot…

But the Grinch,

Who lived just North of Who-ville, Did NOT!


I actually finished this quilt just after the holidays last year, but saved it all this time to post as part of my Grinch-mas 2016 celebrations. Now that it’s time to write about it, I’m finding it hard to say anything.  Mostly because I just keep staring at it, instead ~ I love this quilt so much!  It combines nearly everything I love about quilting AND Christmas at the same time.

Quilt things I love about it ~

  • Scrappy, happy fabrics
  • Bright, fun colors
  • Piecing and applique
  • Double thick batting
  • Pebble AND swirl quilting
  • Striped binding
  • Embellishments!

Christmas things I love about it ~

  • The Grinch


My original inspiration came from Piece o’ Cake’s “Welcome to the North Pole” pattern and I used their layout and block sizes for the pieced grey backing.

But the Who houses, Who trees, Who stockings, Who wreaths, Who presents and the Mean One himself were all drawn by me using Dr. Seuss as a guide.  The images ended up being a combination of the book style and the holiday special style, with a bit of me style thrown in there, too.  The hardest part was making sure each one of the houses down in Who-ville is a little different from all the rest!

All the appliqués are machine blanket stitched in heavy black thread ~ another throwback to the look of the Seuss cartoons.  When quilting, I stitched in the ditch next to each appliqué, but filled in the background with pebble quilting and the border with swirls (to give the feel of the wind whipping down from Mt. Crumpit.)  Using double thick batting really gives the quilt a lot of dimension.

After binding, I added a few embellishments in the button garland and stocking hangers, and finished it up with a hanging sleeve on the back.

It now has a place of honor hanging in our dining room, with the Grinch not only looking down on Who-ville, but on all our Happy Who-liday decorations!



Grinch-y WINQs

Making custom Whimzie quilts for my fabulous customers isn’t all I do (it’s just my favorite thing to do.)  When I‘m Not Quilting I still like to create, though, so here’s some quick photos of some of the Grinch themed WINQs I’ve done recently…

Who-ville Canister Set


Grinch Signage


Must Stop Christmas from Coming Countdown Calendar


“Slipping” Into Something a Bit More Grinch-y

Whoville Dining Set #DrSeuss #GrinchIf you saw yesterday’s post on my Grinch dining room decor, you probably won’t be surprised by today’s blog entry.

Once the table runner, placemats and napkins were laid out and everything turned into a pink, red and white Who-ville wonderland, our denim captain’s chairs didn’t quite fit in anymore.  Slipcovers to the rescue!


While I am a pretty great quilter (pause while I blush, humbly) I am a terrible seamstress.  Yes, Virginia, sewing and quilting are two very different things!  But, fortunately, these sewn slipcovers were super easy.

I glanced through a couple tutorials from Pinterest, decided to start Saturday morning, and by mid-afternoon I had 2 chair slipcovers and a bench slipcover done.  Easiest day of sewing I think I’ve ever had!

Amusing fact:  While we have two of these captain’s chairs in the dining room, the only one who ever sits on them is the cat.  Both have had broken legs, and I’m as good at repairing woodwork as I am at sewing, so people aren’t allowed!