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Love Your Local Quilt Shop

Today is Support Your Local Quilt Shop Day!

Why does it always seem that this holiday falls exactly when I can’t get out to visit any San Diego quilt shops? I mean, it feels like I’m always making a run to a local fabric store, but when there’s a day set aside to celebrate doing just that, there’s something else on my plate. 😦

Since I can’t get out in person, I took a little virtual tour of fabric stores and found some new favorites. These quilt shops may not be local to me, but they are local to some very lucky quilters ~ and I hope each store has lots of IRL visitors today!


If you are going out to celebrate at a local quilt shop, let me know which one in the comments so I can add it to my “Someday I’ll Visit” list. And shop ’til you drop! ❤


When I’m Not Quilting… I’m Biking? Yeah, I Never Thought That’d Happen Either

My husband has been a cyclist for years and recently he got me to try an electric bike. Turns out, road biking a lot more fun than I expected it to be and now we go out for joint rides a couple of times a week.

All summer, I was able to wear just my regular workout tees, but as the weather is turning cooler, I need some warmer layers. So I made a couple of long-sleeved shirts at Vistaprint that combine my old hobbies – quilting and crafting – and my new one – biking.

Can’t wait to zip around the bike path in these!