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Halloween Is So “Afar” Away

I’ve been finishing up a few items for the holiday season 2017, including this custom half-round quilted table runner for Halloween.  My Halloween decorations, though, are all currently stored away – it is May, after all.  So for the photo staging I used my purple plaster Australopithecus afarensis skull that is on permanent display in the library.  (What?  Doesn’t everyone have one?)


Quilt Bucket List 4 – It’s a Party!

They say two’s company and three’s a crowd, but four?  Four’s a party! So grab a beer and let’s party down with my 4th annual Quilt Bucket List!

bucketbeers-copyEvery National Quilting Day, I revisit the quilts on my “bucket list” – those quilts I want to finish before I move on to the great sewing room in the sky.  The list keeps getting longer, so I suppose I won’t be going anywhere soon…

It’s a party and we’re here to have a good time, right? So let’s get the bad news out of the way – none of my bucket list quilts got finished during the last year. In fact, I didn’t do a single stitch on any of the quilts I mentioned in Quilt Bucket List III: Attack of the Seam Ripper.

Which means my Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy quilt, my Monk-inspired quilt, my One in a Minion quilt and my Steven Tyler memorial quilt (Steven Tyler my cat, not the Steven Tyler the rockstar) are all still chillin’.

That’s not to say I didn’t make any quilts for myself in 2016; I did.  It’s just that those quilts weren’t even a gleam in my eye last National Quilting Day.  But sometimes you just need to go with the creative flow, resulting in the addition of these beauties to my personal collection –

Having a lot on my to-do list has never stopped me from adding more, though, so I’ve invited a few new quilt ideas to the “must make before I go” party.  Please give a big quilty welcome to

Made in March Quilt ~ For the past two basketball seasons, I’ve been working on a Kansas University Jayhawk quilt only during March Madness.  My hope is to finish it during the 2017 tournament – Rock Chalk! 

RIP TV Quilt ~ My modern, laugh-in-the-face-of-death take on the famous Kentucky graveyard quilt featuring favorite TV characters who have passed away (including all 4 of Lisa Simpson’s cats)

Sew Geeky Quilt ~ Pulling together my love for sci-fi television and my love for quilting, this one features a LOT of appliquéd pop culture /slash/ sewing puns (like Captain Picard’s classic, “Make it sew.”)

All three of these quilts are in progress, but who knows what I’ll actually finish this year?  Maybe a bunch of fabulous new quilt ideas will turn this little shindig into a surprise party for 2018, too. 😀

I’d love to know what’s on your quilt bucket list.  Please share in the comments; I respond to every one. And let’s leave this post with the slightly modified advice of blues – and party – legend Stevie Ray Vaughn…  

If this sewing machine is a rocking, don’t bother knocking – just come on in!





Stick a Fork in 2016… Done!

Thank you all for another warm and whimzical year filled with Whimzie quilts!

2016 was a year of BIG quilts for me – I finished 1 king and 1 queen, 2 twins and 4 almost twin sized, as well as several lap and baby quilts.  And when you consider a king quilt is equivalent to 4 lap quilts, you really start to understand how much quilting I have been up to…


Quilts were not my only creative outlet this year, either.  You can check out 27+ WINQs (When I’m Not Quilting) projects finished in 2016 on my Stick a Fork in it… Done! Pinterest board.

Next year will be my 13th year in business – lucky 13!  Can’t wait!

A New “Who” Debut

clornamentNow that summer toys are on the market, I was finally able to finish up one of my Who-ville holiday projects –  Cindy Lou Who’s giant ornament.

A child’s plastic ball, small tin pail, a bit of wire, gold paint and glue… the hardest part of this project is finding a place to store such a big piece until December!

Useless to Useful

It wasn’t so long ago that giant TVs had not only big screens, but big behinds – literally, there were so many parts and wires behind the screen that homes had designated cutouts in the wall just to hide the back part of the television.  We had one of these under our stairs.

Today’s flat screens take up much less room, which left us with a giant useless hole in the wall.  (For a while, I kept a bench in the space, but you couldn’t actually sit on it without bumping your head, rendering two things useless.)

So we decided to make the space useful again.  Our solution is a quilt storage cabinet.  It probably doesn’t surprise you that I have a lot of quilts 😀  Well, now I have a beautiful built-in cabinet to keep them in…

quilt cabinet

Can’t wait for the stain to cure so I can get all my quilts lovingly displayed!  I’ll be sure to post an update with that picture, too.



Quilt Bucket List III: Attack of the Seam Ripper

It’s Worldwide Quilting Day – woot! woot!  As has become tradition here at Snip-Itz, I’m using the this day as an opportunity to revisit the list of quilts I want to finish for myself before I die, my “Quilt Bucket List”, as it were.

If you would like to read my original post on this topic, you can find it here and last year’s update is available here.  But with no further ado, Quilt Bucket List III: Attack of the Seam Ripper




It’s cold.  Our protagonist, DEIDRE, mid-40s, covered in thread from a long day sewing, is looking to rest by the fire.


Which of the quilts I finished last year should I curl up with?

There’s my Sherlock inspired “Home Sweet Holmes” quilt, with the life-size door from 221B Baker Street.  Or the “Out of the Blue” quilt I made because of my love of Doctor Who – vworp vworp, indeed.  Or maybe I should visit the Grinch with my “Down in Who-Ville” quilt.  Who says Christmas must come only once a year?


Making her choice, she sits in a nearby chair.


I had so much fun creating these 3 quilts! I’d been planning them for a long time, so finally finishing them feels great. But with these done, I have room on my list for a couple of new projects. What to start on next?



  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy design featuring the phrase “Don’t Panic”, with terry cloth toweling for the back (of course)
  • A Monkinspired quilt created with 10 blocks designed to look like suit jackets in brown tweed (and yes, they will be perfectly pieced.  It’s a blessing and a curse.)
  • Using Spell-It with Moda letter blocks, a March Madness pattern showcasing NCAA basketball tournament phrases (i.e. Final Four, The Big Dance)
  • A Mermaid quilt of clamshell blocks – maybe shaped to resemble a mermaid tail instead of the traditional quilt rectangle?



Wow!  That’s a lot of new quilt ideas!  And it doesn’t even take into account the One in a Minion quilt, the memorial quilt for my beloved cat, Steven Tyler, the I ❤ Ewe sheep quilt and the Merry Mustache quilt – all projects I’ve already started to some degree.

She starts to stand.


Well, I better get busy if I want to finish all these before I die. Ha, ha!

Walking towards her sewing machine, the camera pans over her shoulder.  In the shadowy corner of the sewing room, a giant seam ripper slowly turns towards her…