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Quilt Bucket List Five

Happy National Quilting Day! 

Generally, I use this annual quilt-y celebration to look back on the quilts I’ve made in the last year and look forward to the quilts I still want to make – my “quilt bucket list”, as it were. After 5 years of observing National Quilting Day this way, I’m starting to realize that the bucket of quilts I want to make has sprung a leak. A LOT of leaks. There are still SO MANY quilts I want to create before I go and there’s just not enough time to make them all…

I finished only 2 quilts for myself last year! I understand why – a lot of my custom quilt orders were for oversized quilts and my Etsy store really picked up around the holidays, so there just wasn’t a lot of “me” quilt time available. At least both quilts that did get done were ones I’d be hoping to finish for a very long time – Made in March and RIP TV.

Still, that’s leaving me a with an ever expanding list of personal quilt projects and an ever shrinking amount of time. I’ve crunched the numbers and my bucket list currently has 25 quilts on it.


At the rate I’m going, I won’t be done until 2031 – and that’s if I don’t think of any more in the meantime! So while I’m over here in the corner hyperventilating, you can take a quick look at just the ones closest to being finished…

Welcome! Everything is fine. Quilt – a new addition based on my current favorite television show, The Good Place. Hoping to finish before Season 3 premiers later this fall

Grinch Panel / A Christmas Story Panel Quilt – bought both panels a while back, but had the hardest time choosing panel-friendly patterns (I think I’ve finally found perfect choices for each)

Sew Geeky Quilt – pulling together my love for sci-fi television and my love for quilting, this one features a LOT of appliquéd pop culture /slash/ sewing puns (like Captain Picard’s classic, “Make it sew”)

Steven Tyler Quilt – a memorial quilt for my rock star kitty cat (not the actual rock star). I’m embarrassed to say how long it’s been since he passed away, but it’s taken me a while to come to grips with the loss and feel comfortable enough to finish this one

Friends Quilt – an addition based on one of my all-time favorite television shows, Friends. Having made a Tardis door quilt and a 221B door quilt, I’m calling this one – which will feature the iconic purple apartment door – Part III of my Door Quilt Series 😀

As for the other 19? Deep breath… a Merry Mustache quilt, a Minions quilt, a sheep quilt, a Monk quilt, a french rose quilt, a Dairy Queen quilt, an NFL quilt, a flamingo quilt, a mermaid tail quilt, a Star Trek quilt, a Beetlejuice quilt, a penguin quilt, a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy quilt, a Christmas dresden quilt, a gingerbread house quilt, a sewing machine quilt, a scottie dog quilt, a Create-themed quilt and, finally, a My Favorite Things quilt.

I think I better get off here and get busy! But I’ll make time to read about your bucket list quilts in the comments if you want to share. Here’s hoping your bucket isn’t as leaky as mine!



Quilt Bucket List 4 – It’s a Party!

They say two’s company and three’s a crowd, but four?  Four’s a party! So grab a beer and let’s party down with my 4th annual Quilt Bucket List!

bucketbeers-copyEvery National Quilting Day, I revisit the quilts on my “bucket list” – those quilts I want to finish before I move on to the great sewing room in the sky.  The list keeps getting longer, so I suppose I won’t be going anywhere soon…

It’s a party and we’re here to have a good time, right? So let’s get the bad news out of the way – none of my bucket list quilts got finished during the last year. In fact, I didn’t do a single stitch on any of the quilts I mentioned in Quilt Bucket List III: Attack of the Seam Ripper.

Which means my Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy quilt, my Monk-inspired quilt, my One in a Minion quilt and my Steven Tyler memorial quilt (Steven Tyler my cat, not the Steven Tyler the rockstar) are all still chillin’.

That’s not to say I didn’t make any quilts for myself in 2016; I did.  It’s just that those quilts weren’t even a gleam in my eye last National Quilting Day.  But sometimes you just need to go with the creative flow, resulting in the addition of these beauties to my personal collection –

Having a lot on my to-do list has never stopped me from adding more, though, so I’ve invited a few new quilt ideas to the “must make before I go” party.  Please give a big quilty welcome to

Made in March Quilt ~ For the past two basketball seasons, I’ve been working on a Kansas University Jayhawk quilt only during March Madness.  My hope is to finish it during the 2017 tournament – Rock Chalk! 

RIP TV Quilt ~ My modern, laugh-in-the-face-of-death take on the famous Kentucky graveyard quilt featuring favorite TV characters who have passed away (including all 4 of Lisa Simpson’s cats)

Sew Geeky Quilt ~ Pulling together my love for sci-fi television and my love for quilting, this one features a LOT of appliquéd pop culture /slash/ sewing puns (like Captain Picard’s classic, “Make it sew.”)

All three of these quilts are in progress, but who knows what I’ll actually finish this year?  Maybe a bunch of fabulous new quilt ideas will turn this little shindig into a surprise party for 2018, too. 😀

I’d love to know what’s on your quilt bucket list.  Please share in the comments; I respond to every one. And let’s leave this post with the slightly modified advice of blues – and party – legend Stevie Ray Vaughn…  

If this sewing machine is a rocking, don’t bother knocking – just come on in!





Quilt Bucket List III: Attack of the Seam Ripper

It’s Worldwide Quilting Day – woot! woot!  As has become tradition here at Snip-Itz, I’m using the this day as an opportunity to revisit the list of quilts I want to finish for myself before I die, my “Quilt Bucket List”, as it were.

If you would like to read my original post on this topic, you can find it here and last year’s update is available here.  But with no further ado, Quilt Bucket List III: Attack of the Seam Ripper




It’s cold.  Our protagonist, DEIDRE, mid-40s, covered in thread from a long day sewing, is looking to rest by the fire.


Which of the quilts I finished last year should I curl up with?

There’s my Sherlock inspired “Home Sweet Holmes” quilt, with the life-size door from 221B Baker Street.  Or the “Out of the Blue” quilt I made because of my love of Doctor Who – vworp vworp, indeed.  Or maybe I should visit the Grinch with my “Down in Who-Ville” quilt.  Who says Christmas must come only once a year?


Making her choice, she sits in a nearby chair.


I had so much fun creating these 3 quilts! I’d been planning them for a long time, so finally finishing them feels great. But with these done, I have room on my list for a couple of new projects. What to start on next?



  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy design featuring the phrase “Don’t Panic”, with terry cloth toweling for the back (of course)
  • A Monkinspired quilt created with 10 blocks designed to look like suit jackets in brown tweed (and yes, they will be perfectly pieced.  It’s a blessing and a curse.)
  • Using Spell-It with Moda letter blocks, a March Madness pattern showcasing NCAA basketball tournament phrases (i.e. Final Four, The Big Dance)
  • A Mermaid quilt of clamshell blocks – maybe shaped to resemble a mermaid tail instead of the traditional quilt rectangle?



Wow!  That’s a lot of new quilt ideas!  And it doesn’t even take into account the One in a Minion quilt, the memorial quilt for my beloved cat, Steven Tyler, the I ❤ Ewe sheep quilt and the Merry Mustache quilt – all projects I’ve already started to some degree.

She starts to stand.


Well, I better get busy if I want to finish all these before I die. Ha, ha!

Walking towards her sewing machine, the camera pans over her shoulder.  In the shadowy corner of the sewing room, a giant seam ripper slowly turns towards her…




My Quilt Bucket List

Happy National Quilting Day (or is it Merry National Quilting Day? I can never remember…) I’m celebrating the best holiday of the year by turning a little reflective and putting together a quilt “bucket list” – the list of quilts I want to finish before I kick the proverbial bucket. Hopefully, I’ve got plenty of time, because there are plenty of quilts I’m “dying” to make!

Currently in my bucket:

Big 8 Quilt ~ Ah, the good ol’ days when there was a Big 8 Conference in college sports – KU vs K-State, KU vs Missouri, anybody vs Nebraska! Back when proximity determined who your team played in basketball and football, not money. I so want a quilt featuring all 8 teams to remember those fun times and fantastic games.

Doctor Who Quilt ~ This being the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I’ve seen a lot of crafts around the web celebrating the show and it’s history and, boy, have they given me the longing for a quilt featuring all 11 doctors. And the Tardis. Because 11 blocks is a little unwieldy for a quilt, but 12 is classic. It’s like Doctor Who was meant to be a quilt!

Star Trek Quilts ~ You might be seeing a sci-fi theme here, but I’d love to create couple of Star Trek quilts, one featuring the Original Series for my husband and one featuring The Next Generation for me. Original series fabric is actually being released in May and I’ve already got yardage on order. So, please, fabric companies, buy the licensing rights to Next Gen, too, and make my geek dreams come true!

Tequila T-shirt Quilt ~ Some of you might have seen the winery tour t-shirt quilt I made a couple of years ago; it’s one of my favorite quilts of all time. Now I want to create a sister quilt featuring t-shirts from some of my favorite tequila brands. I’ve already got the shirts, I just need to put my margarita down and get to sewing!

Jellyfish Quilt ~ Embellishing quilts using beads, charms, threads, ribbons and other trims is hot, hot, hot right now. I must admit, I’ve caught the bug. After a trip to the aquarium, I got to thinking how beautiful a jellyfish-themed quilt would be and I’m excited to use iridescent fabrics, ribbons and beads to create my first true art quilt.

The Quilt You’ve Always Wanted ~ I have to admit, the best inspiration always seems comes from my customers. For every fun quilt I want for myself, I know someone out there has an even more fabulous idea for a quilt they want. A quilt that means something special for themselves or a loved one, a quilt that will be cherished for years and years. And I want to make it!

Be sure and comment with the quilts on your quilt bucket list (or fill out the custom Whimzie quilt order form to start marking one off today!)