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Beta Testers Wanted

With the 13th anniversary of Whimzie Quiltz approaching, I started to realize exactly how much things have changed – not necessarily with the quilting side of my business, but with the Internet-side.  The website I first designed and coded in 2004 went away pretty quickly, but WQ 2.0 is looking dated and old-fashioned, too.

screenshotSo I’m in the middle of a drastic overhaul, modernizing and updating my website for 2017 – and I’d love your input!

Currently, two pages are “live” (or up on the web, although the links on each page still go to the current Whimzie Quiltz website.)

You can visit the proposed homepage here and the new gallery here.  Let me know what you think in the comments – I’d especially like to know if the updated design makes you more (or less) likely to purchase a custom quilt online, but I appreciate any feedback you have!

Many thanks!