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Pink Tardis Quilt ~ It’s About Time… and Space

Order today and your pink Tardis quilt will ship in time for the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special.


I heard this morning, but it wasn’t until I was sitting in a restaurant at lunch that it really hit me.  And I started crying tears of happiness. Which made a more than a few people at Rubio’s wonder what was going on 😀

I didn’t care because I’m so freaking excited for a female Doctor!

I’ve actually seen Jodie Whittaker in Broadchurch. She’s really good.

(I am a little worried about Chris Chibnall as show runner.  Broadchurch is so slow-paced that I’m worried his style won’t translate well to Doctor Who.  On the other hand, he picked a fantastic new Doctor, so he must be doing something right!)

There’s 163 days until the Christmas special when the new Doctor will make her debut.  That’s plenty of time to have a custom pink Tardis quilt – or traditional blue Tardis quilt – made by Whimzie Quiltz.

Contact me at deidre [at] whimziequiltz.com to get yours started today!


Sherlock Deerstalker Stocking

I’m super excited for the Sherlock Christmas special this year! I’ve heard it’s a Victorian twist on modern Holmes, which inspired me to turn the detective’s traditional deerstalker into a Christmas stocking. Here’s hoping Santa (and Stephen Moffat) bring me a fantastic episode to find inside!

sherlock stocking

Consulting Quilter. Only One in the World. I Invented the Job.

What would I do without British TV? I’d spend a lot fewer hours in front of the DVR, that’s for sure, but I also wouldn’t have nearly as much cool stuff in my Etsy store. These Sherlock inspired items were recently added…

221b Pillow
In a perfect world, there’d be a 221c where I can live next to Mrs. Hudson and the boys.

I Am SHER Locked Pillow
Aren’t we all?

It’s a Pincushion, Not a Death Frisbee

Just in time for tonight’s “His Last Vow” episode, I finished my Sherlock-inspired deerstalker pincushion.

Sherlock Deerstalker Pincushion

Although I have a huge pincushion collection (what quilter worth her salt doesn’t?) I don’t normally make my own. But I couldn’t find anything even close to this available on any craft sites and I had to have something to celebrate my new favorite TV show.

Holmes Deerstalker Pincushion

The only thing that would be better would be a mini Benedict Cumberbatch to wear it around the sewing room!

Benedict Cumberbatch in Deerstalker