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9 Days and Counting…

9 days into the #100DaysProject creativity challenge and I haven’t missed one! I think it’s working, too, because I find myself with so many ideas that I want to design more than one Irish Chain quilt a day! But the point is to pace yourself and make it all the way through, so I’m reigning myself in.

If you remember from my Challenge Accepted! post, I’m participating in the #100DaysProject. Each day for 100 days, participants repeat a “simple creative task” and post their effort online.

I chose designing a modified Irish Chain quilt ~ changing colors, mixing blocks, varying settings, etc. ~ and I’m excited to see how the traditional pattern will shift, evolve and develop during the next 91 days!


Challenge Accepted!

I’ve decided to participate in a creativity challenge – the #100DaysProject.  Each day for 100 days, I will be designing and posting an Irish Chain quilt design.

All the designs will start with an Irish Chain block, repeated to make a queen-sized quilt. Using that as a framework, I’ll change colors, mix and match blocks, vary settings, etc. to create as many different versions as I can over 100 days.  There’s so much you can do with this traditional block and I can’t wait to see how the patterns shift, evolve and develop during the challenge.

I chose to do quilt designs because as much as I’d love to, I can’t finish an entire queen quilt in one day! 🙂  I may actually make my favorite (or favorites) after the challenge is completed, though ~ and if you see one you love, I’d be happy to make it for you, too!

This is my first design – Link #1 of #100 “Whimzical” Chains.  Remember, follow me here to see them all!


I’m also posting the designs on a special #100WhimzicalChains Pinterest board.