It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like a LEGO Christmas

BabyFavoriteThingsQuiltWhen customer Gus H. first contacted me about a quilt for his new baby’s first Christmas, he had a list of possible ideas for the theme, starting with owls and Pokemon and including “Star Trek, Star Wars’ R2D2 and LEGO.”

We were able to use most of those ideas in the quilt itself (see right) but the LEGO option stuck in my head… it noodled around in there for a while and eventually I realized LEGO would be the perfect choice for the thank you gift with purchase I had in mind — Christmas stockings!


Picking out the right color fabrics for the LEGO blocks was the most fun part of this project, though my delight at finding an embroidery font that resembled the LEGO logo was close second. The piecing was absolutely crazy – matching the color of one row of LEGOs to the row below took some real care (and a few removed stitches :D)

In the end, these came out adorably and I’m hoping Santa enjoys filling them with fantastic LEGO stocking stuffers for years to come!



Love You to the North Pole and Back Quilted Pillow Sham by Whimzie Quiltz

I literally sold this pillow sham just on the idea alone! A longtime customer was looking for “any cute girl pillows” and I mentioned this idea I had been noodling around in my head for a while. The design wasn’t even finished, but she said “Oh that would be perfect”. We both ended up pretty happy with how it worked out!


If you think this would be the perfect cute little girl pillow sham for you, too, I’ve added a second one to my Whimzie Quiltz Etsy store — snap it up before Santa does!

Round-Up of Whimzie Quilted Stockings (Warning – I use the word stockings a lot in this post)

Over the years, I’ve made a LOT of stockings ready to be “hung by the chimney with care”. Thought I’d offer a little photo montage to get you in the holiday spirit if you aren’t already — there’s something for everyone in this round-up of “whimzical” quilted stockings by Whimzie Quiltz…


I love making quilted stockings – giant stockings, themed stockings, traditional stockings, non-traditional stockings – all sorts of stockings. (Do you think I’ve used the “S” word enough? Stockings, stockings, stockings.)

Got a stocking idea you’d like to have me make? Order early at Whimzie Quiltz so your special stockings are ready to hang in 2018!

2017’s Last Custom Quilt

The year is winding down here at Whimzie Quiltz. As I look back at the custom quilts I’ve created in 2017, I find a common thread (pun intended) — they are all about family. So it’s fitting that the last custom order of this year is a baby quilt that celebrates the start of a brand new family.


I’ve actually made a couple of quilts for customer Gus H. in the past, including a baby quilt that he gave a coworker a few years ago. So when he contacted me to have a quilt made for his own baby, I was super excited for him.

He wanted a design that incorporated representations of who he, his wife and new baby are and the things they love. There’s heritage flags, fandom elements like a Star Trek uniform and R2D2, an apple and owl for teacher. Little Laylah was born during the year of the rooster and her nickname is Pikachu, so both of those are included in the design, too.

It was fun to find a way to pull all these different parts together using snowball quilt blocks, mixing piecework and appliqué to make all the designs work. I even subtly embroidered names along the outside to further personalize the quilt.

This adorable little baby quilt was the perfect way to end the informal “Year of the Family” here at Whimzie Quiltz. I’m looking forward to the new year and can’t wait to see what custom quilts come my way in 2018!

Happy Small *Creative* Business Saturday!


It’s Small Business Saturday – a day to support the small businesses and business people who keep our communities vibrant and strong. Today, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite small businesses – the makers and the crafters who are not only strengthening the economy, but making the world a little more creative at the same time! #Shopsmall #BuyHandmade

Two Kazoos

sugarskullI’m not sure how I first came across Steph at Two Kazoos, but I am so glad I did! Nearly all the felt items in my home – from the sunflower table runner in my living room to the TicTacToe game in the kids’ guest room – are made by Steph. I dare you to try and find a mass-produced item that comes even close to her impeccable handiwork. Everything she does is fantastic, but I’d especially recommend checking out her absolutely amazing Day of the Dead magnets and tooth fairy pockets!

Angela Crider Neary

liltomI probably don’t need to say more than “cat detectives” to encourage you to read author Angela Crider Neary‘s amazingly fun mystery stories and books, but I will share this – her evocative descriptions of San Francisco take me back to one of my favorite cities in the world every time.  The Kindle version of her first novel Li’l Tom and the Pussyfoot Detective Bureau is currently on sale (and the second book in the series comes out early next year – can’t wait!)


Charity-quilt-Project-of-Doom-2Although I don’t do paper pieced quilting, I am in awe of quilters who do, especially Jennifer at Sewhooked; the blocks she can create from this technique are phenomenal! Check out her Sewhooked Pattern Shop on Craftsy – literally so many awesome designs I can’t pick a favorite – or visit Fandom In Stitches, the fandom quilting website she runs that offers FREE paper pieced quilt patterns featuring much loved TV shows, movies and books like Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

Crafty Staci

coffeCamera accessories and coffee cup sleeves and vendor aprons – oh my! Crafty Staci offers them all and more. She also runs the Crafty Staci blog, one of the most fun creative blogs I follow, and regularly appears on her local TV station with crafting ideas and tips. I don’t know how she does it, but I wish she would bottle her enthusiasm and sell that – I’d be first in line!

Stitch On

fabricI have been to a lot of quilt shops in the last 18 years, a LOT.  I’ve visited brick and mortar shops from Arizona to Rhode Island and I’ve bought fabric online from all over the world. But my all-time favorite place to shop for fabric is Stitch On Needlework Shop.  Stitch On is located in my hometown of Lawrence, KS, but here’s the funny part – I never shopped there until I moved to California! Found this family-run gem one time when I was back for a visit and still wish I could afford to fly to Kansas every time I need fabric (about once a week 😀 )



A Bigger Advent This Year

I’ve been making quilted advent calendars for several years now – you can see some of them available for sale in the Whimzie Quiltz Etsy store. The standard version is approximately 10 ½” x 21 ½”, with pockets that hold a single piece of hard candy or Hershey’s Kiss.

Recently, I had a request for a larger version. It would be for a family with two kids and, naturally, they wanted a calendar that would hold two pieces of candy.

I may not love math, but I do love custom orders, so I figured out new dimensions with my handy quilting calculator.  And the result is this awesome 15 ½” x 32″ advent calendar… bigger is always better when it comes to Christmas 😀

Would Wear This 24-7 If I Could


I actually bought one of these “Super Sewer” shirts online, but that one was screen printed — which turned the yellow into green 😦

So I had this one made at Vistaprint using their heat transfer tech instead and it turned out great. The yellow is super vibrant (pun intended.)

I turned a lot heads at the quilt show earlier this year and wearing it to JoAnn’s is pretty fun. But I really would wear it 24-7 if I could!