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Celebrating the Quilt Holidays ~ Pillow Fight Day

Did you know that all year long there are special days set aside on the calendar to commemorate  quilts, quilting, quilters and quilt-related activities? The are known as the Quilt Holidays and here at Whimzie Quiltz we celebrate each one… Let’s party!


Today, April 6th, is International Pillow Fight Day! Of all the quilt holidays, it’s the most fun (and funny) one to celebrate. Grab a pillow and join in!


Need some ammunition? I’ve got you covered! Check out some of the pillow shams over in my Etsy store


Life’s Too Short, They Said. Buy the Shoes, They Said.

Now where on Earth am I going to wear these?

Sewing Machine Shoes

Sewing Machine Shoes. Part of an Alexander McQueen abstract design series based around household items.

Wishing all my quilt-y friends a very happy April Fools Day!

Quilt Bucket List 6 (Feet Under a Pile of Fabric)

Happy Worldwide Quilting Day! As is my annual tradition here at Whimzie Quiltz, today I look back on the quilts I’ve finished in the last year and look forward to the quilts I’m going to make before I “kick the bucket”. Business-related quilts don’t count; these are just quilts for me!

2019 marks the sixth time I’ve celebrated Worldwide Quilting Day by making a list of quilts to finish before I pass on. I have to tell you, I really love this tradition. I love reminiscing about the quilts I created in the last 12 months and getting excited for the quilts I’m going to create over the next 12 (and coming up with an annual bucket-related pun is a blast, too 😀 )


Anyway, last year, there were over 20 quilts on my list. Naturally, I knew I wouldn’t get them all done in 2018 (my estimate was 2031, but, hey, who’s counting?) so I focused on the top 5. Of those top five, I completely finished two ~ my The Good Place QuiltHoly Motherforking Quilt Balls, and my Grinch quilt, Cuddly as a Cactus.

Plus, I finished the top of my Sew Geeky quilt, but it’s not quilted, so it doesn’t count for 2018. Moves it to the top of the list for 2019, though!

Which brings us to…

Quilt Bucket List 2019

Sew Geeky Quilt ~ pulling together my love for sci-fi television and my love for quilting, this one features a LOT of appliquéd pop culture /slash/ sewing puns (like Captain Picard’s classic, “Make it sew”)

15th Anniversary Quilt ~ making it’s debut on this year’s list, my 15th year in business, is a block of the month (BOM) quilt I’m making to celebrate. Each month, I’m taking the 15th off to work only on this project, so it will be finished before next year’s update for sure.

Make Epic Shit Quilt ~ I’ve become really intrigued with improv quilting and want to give it a try. Hopefully, this year, I’ll get to pursue a “word play” version I have in mind that’s tentatively going by this title.

Steven Tyler Quilt – a memorial quilt for my rock star kitty cat (not the actual rock star). This one has been on my bucket list every year since the beginning and I really, really hope to finally get it finished this time. Fingers crossed.

There’s more, of course, but I think I’ll stop there for now. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 6 years, it’s that I’ll never get to them all. And that’s good! For one thing, it means you all are keeping me busy creating quilts that you’ve always wanted. For another, I will NEVER be bored.

What is on your quilt bucket list this year? Let me know in the comments. And if I can help create it, give me a shout out over at Whimzie Quiltz and More.

You Learn Something New Every (Groundhog) Day

Did you know that much of the 1993 classic Groundhog Day was filmed on location in Woodstock, Illinois? I wasn’t aware of this until I stumbled across the website for Woodstock’s annual Groundhog Days celebration! Gotta ❤ the Internet!

Turns out this year, the Woodstock Public Library is exhibiting memorabilia from the movie, including two quilts that appeared on screen. The first quilt I remember well ~


It appears behind Bill Murray and Andi McDowell as they enter the party near the end of the movie. This is my ALL-TIME favorite on-screen quilt (and you’d be surprised how many movie and tv shows include quilts. Once you are looking for them, they are everywhere!)

Groundhog Day Quilt

This quilt, though, is also part of the Woodstock library’s memorabilia exhibit ~


I have racked my brain and I can’t remember it from the film at all. Guess that means it’s time pull out my much used DVD and watch again!

(If you remember this second groundhog quilt from the movie, let me know in the comments where it appeared… it’s going to drive me nuts until I figure it out!) 

NYT Best Seller List Here I Come

The second printing of “A Quilter’s Christmas Carol” has arrived!


It only took 6 years for the first printing to sell out 😀

I must have finally gotten the SEO right, though, since over 60 books sold this last holiday season. And with this reprint I’ll be able to fulfill dozens more orders for happy readers/quilters like Savannah, who wrote

I just sat down to read it, I love it; I can tell you that it will definitely be a favorite of mine for all year, it’s a wonderful reminder of why we quilt

These new copies are already listed in the Whimzie Quiltz Etsy shop ~ get yours early!


Celebrating the Quilt Holidays ~ National Cuddle Up Day

Did you know that all year long there are special days set aside on the calendar to commemorate  quilts, quilting, quilters and quilt-related activities? The are known as the Quilt Holidays and here at Whimzie Quiltz we celebrate each one… Let’s party!


Today, January 6th, is National Cuddle Up Day! So curl up with your favorite quilt (or quilter 🙂 ) and snuggle in…


Don’t have quilt? I’ve got you covered! (Tee hee)

Contact deidre [@] about having a custom Whimzie quilt made just for you or someone you love and you’ll be ready to celebrate in style when Cuddle Up Day returns next year!

Quilt Bait

Occasionally, I’ll read a Where are They Now? or a 10 Things You Never Knew About… article, but I tend not to click through on a lot of Internet headlines. And I think I’ve finally figured out why — those “click bait” headlines aren’t really geared toward my quilty interests!

So, Internet scam artists, with that in mind, here are some stories I’d be willing to risk my computer’s security for —