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Quilt Bait

Occasionally, I’ll read a Where are They Now? or a 10 Things You Never Knew About… article, but I tend not to click through on a lot of Internet headlines. And I think I’ve finally figured out why — those “click bait” headlines aren’t really geared toward my quilty interests!

So, Internet scam artists, with that in mind, here are some stories I’d be willing to risk my computer’s security for —





Accio Fabric!

Got to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter yesterday… had a GREAT time, but imagine my surprise when one of the shops* in Hogsmeade had fabric and buttons on display. Seems everywhere I go, sewing follows me, even into the magical realms of JK Rowling. 😀


*I found them in Gladrags Hats and Capes, so technically a tailor’s shop, but I’ll take it. Sewing is sewing!

Sewing Book for the Recently Deceased

Last year, we went on a weekend getaway just as I was trying to finish a few quilting projects. Even though I was supposed to be relaxing (what’s that? 😀 ) I brought my hand binding supplies along and promptly lost every needle, thread, clip and pair of scissors in my luggage. It was then I realized I needed a needlebook.

A needlebook, or sewing book, is simply a case that hold needles and sewing supplies, shaped like a book and usually made of fabric or felt. And when it comes to felt-y goodness, I know the perfect go-to person – my friend Steph at TwoKazoos.

lydiaWe started discussing some ideas for the needlebook and a mutual love of the 1988 movie Beetlejuice came up. It’s one of my all time favorite films, and there are so many great quotes and visuals in the Tim Burton classic. One of which is literally a book – the Handbook for the Recently Deceased that drives much of the plot.

With that dead-on inspiration in mind (tee hee hee, dead-on inspiration, get it?) Steph went to work and this was the result –

It’s Showtime!


Seriously, have you EVER SEEN ANYTHING MORE AWESOME?!?!?!? She nailed the detail of the book cover using THREAD and FELT. I have no idea how she does such incredible work in such a difficult medium. She’s the crafty genius with the most, babe.


Usually, a needlebook is just a couple of pieces of felt sewn together to make a book, but I wanted something with some depth to hold more supplies. We went with a pine wood book box with hinged lid.


On the inside, it’s not just awesome looking, it functions perfectly, too. I’ve got a pin cushion and ribbons to hold clips (those ribbons even kind of roll out like Beetlejuice’s carnival arms!) as well as spaces for scissors and thread. Everything I need for hand binding my quilt projects is organized and enclosed. I can “shake, shake, shake” it, Señora, all I want and nothing will fall out 😀

And the best part is I will never again have to deal with missing needles in my vacation jammies!


It’s a Funko Me! Custom Whimzie Quiltz Funko Pop


I love to collect things and my newest collection obsession is Funko Pops. They are just so cute!

While I purchased a few standard Pops – Wonder Woman, Leslie Knope, Allison from Orphan Black – the crafter in me started wanting to make custom versions. Especially a Funko me, or as I like to call her, Funko D.


arielfunkopopI started with a standard Ariel (the Disney princess) collectable because the hair was pretty close to the way I wear mine and the hands were in the perfect position to hold up a quilt. I don’t normally wear a corset and long skirt to work, but I have been known to quilt in my jammies, so let’s call it a nightgown. And while I don’t wear big bows in my hair usually, I am a child of the 80s, and I can’t say there’s never been an oversized hair bow among my beauty accessories.

After a few YouTube tutorials, I figured out how to remove the head for painting (a hair dryer to heat the glue) and the best paint to use (standard craft paint, watered down.)  It does take several coats of the paint to get a smooth look, but the new hair color matches real me’s perfectly and the pink and orange outfit works great with my Whimzie Quiltz colors.

I carefully cut the glasses off another Pop (Diane Nguyen from BoJack Horseman) and glued them to my now re-painted version. Zap a Gap glue turned out to be a godsend for adding the glasses and for putting the head and body back together. A couple coats of Matte Finish Rust-o-leum literally sealed the deal and made her look factory fresh.

I created the quilt using orange and pink scraps in my fabric stash and now I’m pretty positive I will never be a miniature quilt maker.  I’ve seen fantastically detailed miniature quilts online, and after making this rather simple quilt, I’m much more appreciative of all the work people put into those. But this one is great as a representative of what I make – bright and scrappy, warm and happy, “whimzical” quilts!


I am THRILLED with how Funko D turned out and already have some ideas in mind for more custom Pops. As I always say, it isn’t a true collection until the display case overflows! 😀



Last Minute Reindeer Bunting ~ Just in Time to Guide Santa’s Sleigh!


While most of our home becomes Who-ville for the holidays, we have a separate room that is reindeer-themed. Mainly because I couldn’t stop myself from making this quilt

Dash Away All Dressed

This year, I added to the reindeer decor with a embroidered scrappy fabric and ribbon garland, which I finished just three days before Christmas!


I’d kind of hoped that the bunting would be easy enough to make and sell in my Etsy shop (always looking for new ways to use my embroidery machine!) but it was WAY more work than I thought it would be. Worth it in the end, though!


This is my last project for the 2017 holidays; so glad to have everything Christmas-y finished and ready to go — even if it is just three days ahead of time.

I am hoping to finish one more (non-holiday) quilt before the end of the year. It’s still on the long-arm and I’m close having it quilted, but I might be binding right up until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Keep your fingers crossed for me to get it done!

Warm Ho Ho Holiday wishes everyone!

Round-Up of Whimzie Quilted Stockings (Warning – I use the word stockings a lot in this post)

Over the years, I’ve made a LOT of stockings ready to be “hung by the chimney with care”. Thought I’d offer a little photo montage to get you in the holiday spirit if you aren’t already — there’s something for everyone in this round-up of “whimzical” quilted stockings by Whimzie Quiltz…


I love making quilted stockings – giant stockings, themed stockings, traditional stockings, non-traditional stockings – all sorts of stockings. (Do you think I’ve used the “S” word enough? Stockings, stockings, stockings.)

Got a stocking idea you’d like to have me make? Order early at Whimzie Quiltz so your special stockings are ready to hang in 2018!

Would Wear This 24-7 If I Could


I actually bought one of these “Super Sewer” shirts online, but that one was screen printed — which turned the yellow into green 😦

So I had this one made at Vistaprint using their heat transfer tech instead and it turned out great. The yellow is super vibrant (pun intended.)

I turned a lot heads at the quilt show earlier this year and wearing it to JoAnn’s is pretty fun. But I really would wear it 24-7 if I could!