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A Quilt for One of My Favorite Earthlings

2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge

Space’craft’-ing my way through a galaxy of quilts and quilted projects started but not yet finished

Like a meteor shower, the quilts keep coming… With POP! Gregory, a quilt for my nephew, I’m up to 5 gold stars on my 2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge board ~


Oh, who am I kidding. It’s May 1st and I sure wish I had more than 5 quilts finished at this point in the year. But it’s time to start working on holiday items for the Whimzie Quiltz Etsy store so this might be the last completed quilt for a while.

Here’s the deets about each of the finished quilts if you want to know more ~

*Deep Space Mine*

*15 Years and Counting…*

*Holly Bear-ries*

*16 Quilted Checkerboard Games*

*POP! Nibling*


Cloth Encounters of the 4th Kind

2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge

Space’craft’-ing my way through a galaxy of quilts and quilted projects started but not yet finished

When I started my 2020 UFO Challenge, COVID-19 wasn’t really on the radar yet. And in many ways, the quarantine hasn’t changed my life – I mean, with my husband retired and me running my craft business from home, we rarely left the house even when we could. (Now that I can’t, of course, I desperately wish to! I miss fabric shopping in person.)

Nonetheless, the worldwide interruption of day-to-day existence has had a surprisingly strange impact on me creatively. I find myself wanting to start project after project, but I have little desire to finish anything. I’m pretty bad at introspection, but my best guess is I’m reacting to the fact that there are so many tragic endings right now, trying to counteract them with new beginnings. It’s manifesting as a crazed burst of creativity ~ at least 4 more quilts and 2 oversized pillows are now on my list of UFOs.

After six weeks of quarantine, though, the quilt tops were really piling up so I finally put one on the long arm machine. I am finding the repetitive stitching calming, which I pretty much needed, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep with it… I already have at least 1 more quilt top I want to work on and 25 countdown calendars ideas swirling around in my head!

In any case, between all those new projects, I did force myself to finish 16 quilted checkerboard games for my Etsy store (all started in 2019). If you laid them out in a 4×4 grid, the square footage would be approximately as much as a queen quilt, so I added a 4th gold star to my 2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge board to represent them ~



Here’s the deets about each of the finished quilts if you want to know more ~

*Deep Space Mine*

*15 Years and Counting…*

*Holly Bear-ries*

*16 Quilted Checkerboard Games*


Are You Game?

Off and on for the last few months I’ve been working 16 quilted checkerboards meant for my Whimzie Quiltz Etsy store. It finally stopped raining here long enough to photograph the finished games this weekend and they are now listed in the Checkers Games section (seriously, this has been the wettest March and April I’ve ever experienced in San Diego and I’ve lived here for 20+ years!)

I know a lot of the in stock games are holiday-themed (I’m a sucker for Halloween and Christmas fabrics!) but there are several that are specifically themed for kids. If you or someone you know needs an activity to keep young ones busy while they are stuck inside during the pandemic, these might be worth checking out… and if the listed price is a bit more than you can manage right now, convo me through Etsy. Let me know you saw this blog post and we’ll work out a discount. Stay safe.


Here’s links to some that might work especially well for kids ~

Kermit the Frog Quilted Checkerboard Game

Puppy Dogs Quilted Checkerboard Game

Race Cars Quilted Checkerboard Game

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Quilted Checkerboard Game

Superhero Words Quilted Checkerboard Game

Sailboats Quilted Checkerboard Game

Horses Quilted Checkerboard Game

Outer Space Quilted Checkerboard Game

Quilt Bucket List 7 ~ The 7 Year Stitch

Today is Worldwide Quilting Day. As is my annual tradition here at Whimzie Quiltz, today I look back on the quilts I’ve finished in the last year and look forward to the quilts I’m going to make before I “kick the bucket”. Business-related quilts don’t count; these are just quilts for me.

I started writing this post over a week ago, and it was going to have a completely different tone. I was so excited about a lot of work I’d done over the past year and had really big plans for the year ahead.

But so much has happened in just the last 7 days that it feels like 7 years of work is completely upended. I know/hope that this disruption won’t last forever, but it is what it is right now, so bear with me…

As my online custom quilt orders slowed last year (thanks for killing net neutrality, Ajit Pai!) I turned to making more smaller quilted items for my Etsy store and found some free time to make several of the quilts on my quilt bucket list.

My 15th Anniversary Quilt, 15 Years and Counting, was a year-long adventure, while Star Trek: Deep Space Mine came together super fast (plus I learned some new techniques for it. Never too late to teach an old quilter new tricks.) Sew Geeky was a tour de force of appliqué, a quilt that took more than 3 years from idea to completion because of the amount of detail in the blocks. Totally worth it in the end though.

All in all, I feel like last year was a very successful year in terms of finishing items on my quilt bucket list, and I had such high hopes for the upcoming 12 months that I originally wrote 

I have the 7-year itch to stitch a bunch of quilts!

My attitude was I’ll use this year to really focus on quilts I’ve been wanting to make for myself; I even created a fun UFO (unfinished object) challenge to keep me motivated. Then the coronavirus hit.

We self-quarantined early because of health issues and even then, I was like “No problem! I use my stash! It’ll be an adventure!”

When my plans for a 50th birthday weekend were curtailed early in March, I poured all my creativity into this quilt top –


Now, three weeks in, I’m so tired of bad news and even worse news. I’m tired of my small sewing space. I’m tired of not being able to fabric shop. I’m tired of not being able to grocery shop.

I’m tired of being tired.

As I said, I know/hope this is just a phase and I’ll adjust. When that time comes, I do have some quilts I plan to work on, including the Make Epic Ship quilt top (there’s enough fabric in my stash to back it, fingers crossed, but not enough to bind it. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to get out to a fabric shop eventually.)

I also have a half-finished top called Votes for Women that I hope to finish before the election in November. Assuming there is an election in November.

My Steven Tyler memorial quilt – for my rock star kitty cat, not the actual rock star – is still in the mix, too. Honestly, there are plenty of other quilts that I have the fabrics on hand to make, too, so I’m actually really lucky. And at least I’m having a birthday; there’s a lot of people who won’t see another one.

I’m not normally this real when writing blog posts, but the world isn’t normal right now. This retrospective comes at a pretty low time for me and I didn’t feel like ignoring what’s going on and I don’t have it in me to fake being happy right now, either.

Stay safe everyone.

3rd Quilt from the Sun

2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge

Space’craft’-ing my way through a galaxy of quilts and quilted projects started but not yet finished

So far this year, I’ve completed 3 quilts and added 3 gold stars to my 2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge board ~


I’ve decided that if I finish 16 UFOs this year, my sixteenth year in business, I’m going to have a star named for Whimzie Quiltz. I know the star naming thing is something of a con, but the idea tickles me anyway. Fingers crossed!

Here’s the deets about each of the finished quilts if you want to know more ~

*Deep Space Mine*

*15 Years and Counting…*

*Holly Bear-ries*


Mission Control, We Have A Quilt

2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge

Space’craft’-ing my way through a galaxy of quilts and quilted projects started but not yet finished

So far this year, I’ve completed 2 quilts and added 2 gold stars to my 2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge board ~


Here’s the deets about each of the finished quilts if you want to know more ~

*Deep Space Mine*

*15 Years and Counting…*

Apparently there is something about 2020 that is encouraging quilters to catch up with their old projects. A follower of Whimzie Quiltz on Facebook has been sharing her UFO adventures, too, and just yesterday, I read a blog post at Ms P  Designs about finishing a quilt from 1995! Proof that great quilters think alike 😀

Take Me to Your Fabric…

2020 is a milestone year for me personally. The big one, the one where most people start to reevaluate their lives. On top of that, I’m experiencing some professional challenges as Whimzie Quiltz enters a new phase, too.

But, in an attempt to not stress out TOO much, I’ve decided to just stop and take a deep breath. Instead of rushing headlong into something new, I’m going to use 2020 as an opportunity to catch up. To revisit how I got here and finish some things that got dropped along the way. And when it comes to the quilting side of that quest, I’m going to do it with my usual “whimzical” flair – welcome to the 2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge!


I have been quilting for over 20 years now and at this point the list of quilts and quilted items I want to make just for me and my family is nearing 50 projects. That’s 50 unfinished objects, or UFOs, started but never completed.

So this year, while business is slow, I’m going to focus on finishing as many of those UFOs as I can, tracking my progress here at Snip-Itz with the 2020 Whimzie UFO Challenge.

Every time I finally mark a project off the list, I’ll post it as a gold star on the alien challenge board (my first finish is already there – the Star Trek: Deep Space Mine quilt completed earlier this week.)

BELIEVEI know I’m not going to finish everything. But my hope is that keeping track with this challenge – and getting those gold stars 😀 – will encourage me to concentrate on completing as much as I can. In between projects, I’ll revisit the list and pare it down, too (that alien ray gun may come in handy!) My goal is to finish the year with a smaller fabric stash, a lighter psychic load – and a pile of warm, wonderful quilts!

2019 Whimzie Wrap Up ~ Checkerboards, Countdown Calendars and More

I’d hoped to write this post before 2019 was over; instead, I’m writing it in mid January and will backdate the post 2-3 weeks. In a way, it’s kind of fitting, because the whole point of the Whimzie Wrap Up is to touch on projects I forgot earlier in the year or ones I couldn’t mention earlier because they were custom gifts – everything covered below is already late, so a few more days doesn’t really matter!

Quilted Checkerboards

This quilted checkerboard game was a request from returning customer DeVon D., a last minute Christmas gift. Since she needed it quickly, I offered her some fabric choices from my stash and I’m so glad she chose this adorable red and grey cat fabric!


I ended up offering the checkerboard as a gift with purchase for DeVon’s most recent custom quilt order – a lucky request, since she’s placed so many custom quilt orders with me, I had no idea what to make her as a thank you this time!

This cute checkerboard request came through Etsy back in June. Carol A. was making her daughter and son-in-law a care package, including a quilt, for their new RV. She didn’t have enough time to make anything else quilted, but wanted to include a game for them to play on the road…


I was really honored that a fellow quilter liked my work enough to ask me to step in. The funniest part was, while she didn’t request a specific fabric for her custom board, I ended up choosing the exact same fabric line she was using in their quilt!

Quilted  Countdown Calendars

You may remember the original Star Trek series-inspired Advent calendar I started offering in my Etsy shop several years ago… in 2019, I added a TNG version for sale ( and a DS9 one for myself 😀 )

2019 was actually a big year for new quilted countdown calendar designs, including some colorful new characters…

and some on-trend designs.

Plus, I created this Tour de France race stage countdown calendar as a Christmas gift for my husband who’s really into cycling.


He really loved it! Which has got me thinking about other non-holiday countdown calendars I can add to my Etsy store – vacation countdown calendars, birthday calendars, end of the school year, … if you have an idea, please share it with me in the comments!

Quilted Mug Rug Sets

This was another gift with purchase for a long-time customer, Cynthia H. She asked for a bee-themed mug rug set that was classy, not cutesy, for her tea loving friend.


I especially had fun picking out a trim to add to the edges – it mimics the fancy stitching on the bee wings so beautifully!


I’m going to wrap up this wrap up with a When I‘m Not Quilting project from July. We’ve had this print for nearly 20 years (purchased at an art fair my then-finance/now-husband and I went to not long after we moved in together) and I’ve been looking for the perfect frame all this time. Saw this originally gold one while thrifting, but of course, I needed it a different color.


An internet search about how to silver age a frame turned me on to Rub’n’Buff. HOLY COW! That stuff is AMAZING! It totally lived up to everything mentioned in the marketing and I was thrilled with the outcome. Our print couldn’t have a better frame and it is finally, finally! hanging on the wall.

And this wrap up is finally, finally!, over, too! Thanks for sticking through to the end. Hope your 2019 was full of warmth and whimzie ~ here’s to an even better 2020 for all of us!

Celebrating the Quilt Holidays ~ Pins and Needles Day

Did you know that all year long there are special days set aside on the calendar to commemorate  quilts, quilting, quilters and quilt-related activities? The are known as the Quilt Holidays and here at Whimzie Quiltz we celebrate each one… Let’s party!

Sure, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and you’re probably getting the turkey and stuffing all ready. But let’s not forget the REAL start to the holiday season for quilters ~ Pins and Needles Day!


Have a happy one 😀