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Would Wear This 24-7 If I Could


I actually bought one of these “Super Sewer” shirts online, but that one was screen printed — which turned the yellow into green ūüė¶

So I had this one made at Vistaprint using their heat transfer tech instead and it turned out great. The yellow is super vibrant (pun intended.)

I turned a lot heads at the quilt show earlier this year and wearing it to JoAnn’s is pretty fun. But I really would wear it 24-7 if I could!



Don’t Get Caught Holding the (Wine) Bag This Year

I love giving wine as a gift – hostess gift, thank you gift, that back-up “person who gives you something, but you didn’t remember them” gift – so I’m always looking for a great way to present the wine. As a quilter, wine bags are a good choice, but, let’s face it, they are a bit 90s. And this is 2017. So how about something different?

That’s why I love these new wine wraps just added to my Etsy store. Combine them with the snack mat trend and you have a really unique presentation that’s modern and fun!

There’s 3 versions currently available. Each comes with a “Santa’s Little Helper” quilted wrap for a bottle of wine (fits most straight-sided wine bottles) which features a sewn-in, non-slip backing —


The snack mat quotes differ from set to set, though.

For those who like to schedule their holiday imbibing, try the “It’s 5 o’clock at the North Pole” set


Or maybe you are an equal opportunity wine drinker. Then the “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas but if the White is out I’ll drink the Red” set is for you.


And the “The Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Wine is so Delightful” set is perfect for those seeking a just a little warmth on blustery winter days.


All 3 are now available in my Etsy store – with FREE SHIPPING!

Click to Read… If You Dare! Bwahahaha

Happy Halloween 2017! Thought I’d share the scariest thing I’ve ever sewn today…


She was an attempt to create a life-sized Cindy Lou Who doll, but – while my quilting skills are pretty good – my doll-making skills are definitely not up to par! I’ve been meaning to create yarn hair for her for months. In the meantime, she’s been moved around our home 3 or 4 times because my husband keeps coming across her and getting freaked out. ūüėÄ


Quilting and Fabric Shopping Are Two Entirely Different Hobbies

I finished my new fabric shopping tote just in time for this weekend’s San Diego Quilt Show… it’s quite roomy and I can’t wait to fill ‘er up!


I had the image printed on a t-shirt at VistaPrint¬†– their heat transfer process does an amazingly crisp and clear print on bright cotton knits. Using 7 oz cotton duck for the stripe and black fabrics gives the bag enough heft for stability, but keeps it light enough to carry. And it’s fully lined with a super cute grey dot that coordinates with the image.

Speaking of that image – the utterly adorable seamstress is from LovelyToCU. I fell in love with her the moment I saw it on Etsy. ¬†This one’s mine, all mine ūüėÄ , but I’m considering purchasing the commercial license so that I can sell these bags – what do you think, fellow quilters? Would you want to own one of these totes for yourself or maybe gift one to a quilty friend?



One of the things I like to do here at Whimzie Quiltz is include with every custom quilt¬†a gift-with-purchase¬†– a little somethin’-somethin’ for you, the customer, to go along with your actual quilt. With a bed quilt, it’s often matching pillow shams, but with smaller quilts, it’s maybe something you wouldn’t normally expect.

Here’s the scoop on a couple of recent surprise somethings that Whimzie Quiltz customers have received…

Movie Night Right

blackwhitequiltWilliam M.’s Favorite Things quilt pattern was a mix of all of everything he loves – cats, Boy Scouts, England, music – done in a black and white palette. ¬†That color scheme inspired his gift-with-purchase… a black and white checkerboard! ¬†Knowing his affinity for old movies, too, I chose a vintage-looking film strip fabric for the border. ¬†After all, I figured, what could be better than playing a few games while you wait for the DVD to start?


Hitting the Right Note


Originally, Katherine M. wanted a quilt that featured her love of music, but it had to be purple, too. The first fabric I purchased just wasn’t purple enough, which resulted in changing the whole design and creating an ombre purple Triple¬†Braid quilt instead. I still wanted her to have something with the music theme, though, so I used the original fabric to create a fun quilted backpack that lets her “carry a tune” ūüėÄ wherever she goes.


Is It December 1st Yet?

1qocrgCouldn’t be more excited for Christmas this year as I’m planning to decorate the Whimzie Quiltz sewing room for the holidays, too. ¬†One of the first decorations is this sewing themed Countdown Calendar.

The impetus for this piece came from a Nancy Zieman blog post from 2015.  Instead of a quilted wallhanging, though, I decided I wanted fabric-covered canvas.  Luckily, there was just enough of the grey snowflake fabric in my stash!

I loved-loved-loved how she used a measuring tape for the numbers, but wanted mine to be one piece. ¬†Which meant my version ended up using a 15″ x 30″ canvas from JoAnn’s.

The tree is felt, trimmed with mini pompom ribbon, and the base is machine appliquéd fabric from my stash.  Most of the buttons came from LittleRedCottage on Etsy (her button selection is AMAZING) and they are attached with those stick-on velcro dots. The loop dots are next to the measuring tape; by using the hook side on the back of the buttons they stick to the felt without any thing else needed.

The wooden spools were left over from another project years ago, but had to be cut in half in order to lay flat.  This did not go as well as expected Рso glad I had safety goggles on when cutting! Рbut eventually I got 4 semi-identical halves.  I painted them orange and wound pink embroidery floss  around each before attaching.

I finished it off with a little white ric-rac around the edges and the sequin star – all easily glued down.

I am just super thrilled with the way it turned out! ¬†It’s going to be the highlight of my holiday sewing room decor. ¬†But stay tuned to see what other fun things turn up before December arrives!

A Quilter’s Christmas Carol Pillows

Let me tell you a story…

As the holidays approached way back in 2011, an idea began percolating in my head. What if the ghosts from Dickens’ A Christmas Carol didn’t visit a miserly old man; instead, what if they sought to change the heart of a overworked and very tired quilter trying to get all her quilted gifts¬†done before December 25th? (No, nope, wasn’t projecting at all…)

The result was a little story called A Quilter’s Christmas Carol ~ With Thanks to Charles Dickens for the Holiday Inspiration. ¬†One year later (after I, wink, wink, got caught back up) the little story got turned into a book.

As part of the book writing process, I decided to add directions for a related quilting project, the Quilter’s Christmas Carol block.

Pieced from traditional holiday colors, the Quilter’s Christmas Carol block features three flying geese moving out from the center (embodying the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future) while stylized “C”s in each corner represent the first letters of the classic holiday tale’s title.


Much like Dicken’s classic, today’s story has¬†a happy ending – six years later, I finally finished making a set of Quilter’s Christmas Carol pillows!

I want to make it very clear, I didn’t create such a difficult design that it would take the average quilter six years to make these. ¬†Pretty sure these could be knocked out in a day with the no distractions. ¬†But what average quilter has NO¬†distractions? Let’s just say, being overworked and very tired is not an uncommon thing around Whimzie Quiltz and leave it at that, shall we?

Still, it’s nice to have these off my to-do list. ¬†One less chain for poor Marley, I mean, me, to wear as quilt-y penance when the time comes!


PS – Copies of my book are still available online. They make great stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts for quilters. ¬†Want to make them even more special? I’m happy to autograph¬†copies!