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It Doesn’t Get Eddie Vedder Than This

You know that feeling when a someone asks your advice on a custom quilted gift idea and you absolutely nail it? Yeah, it doesn’t happen every time, but when it does…

Customer Carrie N. was looking for a special gift for her sister ~ her sister who may be the world’s biggest Pearl Jam fan. First row seats at multiple concerts every tour biggest Pearl Jam fan. My suggestion? A quilted backpack. Carrie liked that idea because her sister did a LOT of waiting in lines for those exclusive tickets.

We both wanted the Pearl Jam “stick man” logo embroidered on the backpack, but finding the right guitar fabric was surprisingly hard. I eventually sourced some out of Canada of all places. This is the final piece –


I don’t post identifiable photos here on Snip-Itz, but Carrie did send one of her sister opening the gift. It’s literally the most surprised I’ve ever seen a human being. 😲

As Carrie said,

Best reaction I have ever seen to a gift. Lol. Thank you


Want that kind of response to the gifts you give? Contact Whimzie Quiltz and let’s get a special gift for your loved one started!


Holy MotherForking Quilt Balls

When I started this The Good Place quilt in January 2018 the best show on television was mid-way through Season 2. I really hoped to have the quilt finished before Season 3 debuted, but life got in the way and it wasn’t finished until now…


I don’t make a lot of modern quilts, but the bright pastels of Michael’s frozen yogurt paradise called out for a contemporary quilt design. The overall pattern here was inspired by a layout in Amy Gibson’s The Quilt Block Cookbook, mixed with appliques representing each main character.

For anyone who doesn’t watch the show (though you really should!) the applique designs include

  • Eleanor ~ What the fork? catchphrase and her love of shrimp
  • Michael ~ frozen yogurt
  • Chidi ~ Trolley Problem philosophical challenge
  • Tahani ~ floral dress (with an AIDS ribbon for her philanthropy)
  • Janet ~ cactus*, and
  • Jason ~ Blake Bortles jersey

Of course, I had to add the original, happy green “Welcome. Everything is fine.” greeting, too!

pottedcactus(*For those who think one cactus for Janet isn’t enough, I invite you to turn this quilt over and check out the backing fabric. Using this colorful potted cactus fabric is one of my all-time favorite quilt top / quilt back matches!)

When it came time to quilt the top, I stayed with the modern vibe, using mostly straight lines and pebbles. The initial lines went from side to side; once I’d covered the entire top, I removed it and turned the quilt 90 degrees before putting it back on the longarm to add straight lines from top to bottom. This was the first time I took a quilt off the longarm mid-project and am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I do think, though, that had the initial quilting not been as dense as it was (the lines were 1/2″ apart) the mid-project removal might not have worked as well as it did.

While I’d like to think that creating this motherforking awesome quilt should itself be enough to get me into the real Good Place, I may have lost some points because of how long it took me to finish. Still, it’s not like I used Facebook as a verb (-5.55 points) or rooted for the New York Yankees (-99.15), so maybe I can curl up with this quilt in the Medium Place if nothing else!

4 Short Quilt Stories to Finish 2018

As I was looking back over what I accomplished quilt-wise in 2018, I noticed a few items that didn’t get posted here on Snip-Itz, so here’s a short and sweet look at 4 quilt projects from the last year —

Granny’s Glamper Quilted Accent Pillow

This adorable coordinating pillow was part of DeVon D.’s “gift with purchase” for the quilt she ordered to fit her teardrop camper. I think she liked it, because, after receiving it, she wrote,

“I told my husband he has to paint my camper to match the one on the sham! I’m not even kidding.”


Steelers Redux

In July, Sheryl M. contacted me about a Pittsburgh Steelers custom quilted checkers game. Seems that she works in a nursing home in Pennsylvania and thought the residents would enjoy playing. They must have ~ because in August she contacted me to have a second Steelers checkerboard made!

Hello There Hello Kitty

After finding me through the Whimzie Quiltz website, most returning customers contact me directly for new projects. So it was extra fun to just see 4x customer Gus H.’s name pop up on an Etsy store order in August for this Hello Kitty custom quilted checkerboard game. Glad he knew that, no matter how someone gets in touch ~ directly, through the website, through Etsy or Facebook ~ it’ll be the same great Whimzie Quiltz experience no matter what!


Sunny Day, Sweeping the Quilts Away

In 2014, I made a no soliciting sign, a no trespassing sign and two pillows ~ all quilted ~ for our home. This year, the constant sun, wind and dew exposure finally did them in. So this is the new set (the pillows aren’t pictured). I figure I have until 2022 – unless we move 😀 – before I have to do it again.


A Festivus for the Guest-i-vus

My holiday decorating plan for 2018 was focused on making our guest room extra festive.

I was going to embroider and quilt a set of 2 bed pillow shams, 3 decorative pillow shams and a bed scarf for the queen size bed, all of them using a super cute and extra colorful fabric covered with Christmas trees that I pre-ordered yards and yards of so I’d be all ready to go… and then I broke my arm.

Which seriously curtailed all those grandiose holiday guest room plans.

After recovering, I was able to fit in a few items for myself around my custom Whimzie Quiltz orders. The two square decorative pillows (look at that awesome fabric!) and the smaller “Merry and Bright” embroidered pillow made it to the finish line…


While it’s true I didn’t have a lot of extra time, I was able to fit in one more non-quilted thing for our future holiday guests.

goodnightshadowboxSo many of these Christmas ornament shadowboxes have appeared in  my Pinterest feed over the years! With the new colorful quilted elements in the guest room, I figured one of these would go really well in there, too. Since it’s a room where I visitors mostly sleep, I chose an “…and to all a good night” vinyl for the front and added the shiny, bright ornaments inside.

Colorful Christmas decor is NOT in right now, I’ve learned; red and black country and soft, shiny pastels decorations are being sold in stores all over. But, as I’ve always said, that’s the #1 benefit of Whimzie Quiltz – I can make your custom quilt whatever you want it to be! And, it turns out, I can make my own guest room as colorful as I want, too 😀

Adventures Await – A Camper-Sized Quilt

I rave a lot about how, with Whimzie Quiltz, your custom quilt design can be exactly what you are looking for. What sometimes get lost in that message is that the size can be customized, too.

When DeVon D. needed a quilt exactly 55″ by 75″ to fit the bed in her new teardrop camper, we came up with this colorful, fun arrow quilt that perfectly fits!


DeVon already had a purple fleece blanket with little retro campers on it that she wanted her custom quilt to complement. The arrows in the design (inspired by Cluck Cluck Sew’s One Way pattern) give a subtle nod to travel, but the overall look here doesn’t compete with the campers on her existing fabric.

This may be one of the most colorful quilts I’ve ever made. Picking out the rainbow of colors – two fabrics for each shade! – was a delight. Placement was a little harder than I expected. My first attempt at completely random color placement didn’t really pan out. But once I developed a repeating pattern that looks random (but isn’t), it all came together.

The quilting was extra fun on this one, too. When I started, I just liked the mix of straight and wavy lines and thought they’d emphasize the arrow shapes. If you look closely, though, it ended up looking like a sweater! Just adds to the comfy-ness, doesn’t it?

Using the classic method of turning squares into triangles when sewing this quilt top meant cutting the corner of the arrows off. Which left me with a number of useable fabric triangles that I didn’t want to go to waste. So I turned them into a coordinating lap quilt…


I like to think of this as giving fabric scraps another chance to fulfill their purpose  And, as a lap quilt, it’s not too big, so hopefully she can find room in the camper for it, as well.

The first quilt is named “Adventures Await” so, of course, I went with “Mini Adventures Await” as the name for the lap quilt. Hopefully, both will keep what she’s calling “Granny’s Glamper” extra warm and happy during her exciting travels.


Want your own quilt that’s perfectly sized for a hard-to-fit space? Visit Whimzie Quiltz today to learn more!

Stylin’ Set for a Stylin’ Stylist

My hair stylist recently moved into a new salon, one of those places where each individual stylist has their own suite. One of the benefits of this set up is she gets to decorate her salon, her way – in this case, minimalist, with a touch of bohemian flair.

As a “salon warming” gift, I offered to make her a lumbar pillow for her washing station chair. She chose teal and orange for the colors and asked that it include hummingbirds. There was actually a fabric called “Bohemian Hummingbird” available in that color scheme – felt like kismet, so I ordered a bit more than I needed and made a matching table runner, too.


Of course, when I gave these to her, she said they were too pretty to use**. So instead, she has the pillow displayed on a nearby shelf… where it still provides a pop of personalized color to her space, but it’s away from the hair dye, too! 😀


**No, really, it’s OK if you sit on my quilts, says the ghost of Mary Ellen Hopkins. It’s a losing battle, Mary Ellen, I reply; a losing battle.


It’s Grinchmas in July!

I keep kidding my husband that I want to leave our Grinch-themed holiday decorations up all year long – well, he thinks I’m kidding. I’m actually dead serious.

Until I get him on board, though, I’m going to have to sneak my Grinch fix in during the other 11 months of the year, like I’ve done with this newly finished quilt –


That Grinch panel has been in my stash for years because I couldn’t come up with a quilt design I liked enough to use it. Finally, I decided I’d had enough and spent an entire weekend back in February creating potential panel designs***

After narrowing those choices down to 3, I ended up picking a pattern of wide borders made with scrappy crooked blocks. With all the fun angles and bright holiday colors, the final design turned out appropriately Seuss-ian. At the same time, the big blocks don’t overwhelm the panel – it’s still the focus.

Side note, I think I’ve come to a better understanding what my customers go thru! When you request a custom quilt design at Whimzie Quiltz I typically respond with 3-4 designs to choose from. I’ve been told – repeatedly! – how hard it is to pick a favorite when there are so many options. After this, yeah, I get it now 😀

I chose a red and white dot Minky fabric for the back. But to keep the soft Minky pile from getting too squished down, I had to keep the quilting simple. So there are lots of straight lines in the green areas and oversized asterisks in the red areas. My hope was that they would call back to mid-century design elements popular when Dr. Seuss wrote the original Grinch story while still letting the quilt drape and cuddle.

The Minky backing makes this quilt SO soft and snuggly (which is why, ironically, it is named “Cuddly as a Cactus” 😀 ) I’m still not good enough at quilting Minky to offer it as an option to customers, but perhaps with a few more Minky-fied quilts under my belt, I soon will.

My Grinch fix for July is now taken care of – Whew! But there are still 161 days until Grinchmas 2018, so I’m off to start another Grinch-y project to hold me over ’til then…



As an added bonus to my weekend of “panel productivity”, I figured out a design for a leg lamp quilt panel I’ve also had for years (Hubs is a huge fan of A Christmas Story.) And I now have LOTS of quilt panel designs to suggest to customers who want a custom quilt featuring a large central image, too!