Challenge Accepted!

I’ve decided to participate in a creativity challenge – the #100DaysProject.  Each day for 100 days, I will be designing and posting an Irish Chain quilt design.

All the designs will start with an Irish Chain block, repeated to make a queen-sized quilt. Using that as a framework, I’ll change colors, mix and match blocks, vary settings, etc. to create as many different versions as I can over 100 days.  There’s so much you can do with this traditional block and I can’t wait to see how the patterns shift, evolve and develop during the challenge.

I chose to do quilt designs because as much as I’d love to, I can’t finish an entire queen quilt in one day! 🙂  I may actually make my favorite (or favorites) after the challenge is completed, though ~ and if you see one you love, I’d be happy to make it for you, too!

This is my first design – Link #1 of #100 “Whimzical” Chains.  Remember, follow me here to see them all!


I’m also posting the designs on a special #100WhimzicalChains Pinterest board.


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