By the Way, Is There Anyone on Board Who Knows How to Quilt a Pillow?

While putting the final stitches on 2016, I realized a few Whimzie Quiltz projects from the year didn’t get posted, including lots and lots (and lots) of pillows

Me: “I have more quilted pillows to share.”

Blog Readers: “Surely you aren’t serious?”

Me: “I am serious.  And don’t call me Shirley.”

Snow White and the Tooth Fairy

Nope, not a new Disney animated movie.  Our niece really wanted tooth fairy pillow featuring her favorite princess.  Someday I hope to get Snow, Cinderella, Aurora and Belle tooth fairy pillow shams listed for sale in my Etsy shop.  Someday.


It Started with One…

Initially she just wanted a Tiffany pillow for herself, but by the time I finished making pillows for customer Christina T. she’d ordered a total of nine!  These are just the second batch sent her way.



There’s no way I could keep my Etsy store stocked for all the “You’re in my Spot” pillow requests I get.  With enough lead time, though, I can get one specially made like I did for Lucy W. in July (threw in the Bazinga! one as a gift with purchase…)


Hail Britannia!

This was a gift with purchase for a custom quilt order from August (yes, I know I still need to post that quilt.  What have I been doing all year?) Piecing a Union Jack is tricky!  Not only are the angles odd, but you have to make sure the finished layout is symmetrically asymmetrical (and, yes, that is a thing.)


Reindeer Names

Somehow a bunch of reindeer subway signs got “Picked for Me” on Pinterest this year; naturally, I had to put my pillow spin on the idea. I hope to have this design in my Etsy store for the 2017 holiday season.


Penguins Rule

I made several Always Be Yourself mermaid-themed pillows for a customer earlier this year and decided I needed a penguin one for myself.  This is another design I hope to have available for purchase in 2017.


In Memoriam

I hate to end this pillow parade on a sad note, but I want to mention the passing this week of a fellow pillow crafter, Katherine of Pillows-a-la-Mode.  While I didn’t know her well, we did follow each other’s blogs.  She usually posted shabby chic, often up-cycled projects, with an added cute (and sometimes wickedly funny) twist ~ the a-la-Mode.  I will miss her inspirational ideas and her kind comments here at Snip-Itz.


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