Quoth the Raven

While putting the final stitches on 2016, I realized a few Whimzie Quiltz projects from the year didn’t get posted. This one is a pillow I made for myself right around Halloween…

I’ve never read Stephen King. Or Clive Barker. Usually, the closest I’ll get to reading a horror story is “There’s a Monster at the End of this Book“.  But there is one horror author whose work I return to again and again since first reading him in high school – Edgar Allan Poe.

While I still have nightmares about the tell-tale heart, it was his most famous poem that inspired me to create a Poe pillow –


The versatility of my favorite scrappy pillow design knows no bounds… ok, it probably knows a few bounds, but using multiple black fabrics in the border really worked in this case.  To get the right look for the center, I tea-stained a background fabric from my stash and machine appliquéd “Nevermore.” and the raven in black.  The 14″ x 28″ pillow form is a standard size from Jo Ann’s, but because it’s so big, the finished piece really has a presence.

Originally, this was to be a decorative pillow just for Halloween. But once the holiday passed, I decided to keep it out all year long in our library.  Literary pillows need to be a thing, right? I know! So if you have any suggestions for other book or poem-themed pillow shams, share them in the comments…


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