This Quilt Was in the Cards

While putting the final stitches on 2016, I realized a few Whimzie Quiltz projects from the year didn’t get posted. This one is a custom quilt order from May – you know, back when baseball was still being played…

DeckertPillow1 copyI frequently get custom quilt requests related to already purchased items  – to finish a quilt kit (sorry, no, I’d prefer to design you something personal and unique), or to use already bought fabrics (often no, tho I’ll sometimes consider it if it’s a quality manufacturer.  I don’t want a quilt I make falling apart on you because of cheap fabrics) or to include embroidered patches.

Patches can be especially problematic.

A lot patches on the market seem like they are made for clothing purposes and could be easily incorporated into a quilt.  But if you look closely, the care instructions say “Do not wash” or “Dry-clean only”.  Yikes!  That’s not going to work for a much loved quilt which needs careful regular care.

But, occasionally, I get a request to include some high-quality, well made (and let’s face it, pretty expensive) patches in a quilt, like these from DeVon D.  She’d been collecting St. Louis Cardinals championship patches for years and was hoping to include them in a special quilt.


I love the baseball diamond theme design we came up with, with pieced Cardinal blocks and an appliquéd logo, and the wide border is the perfect solution for showing off her patches.  There’s even a few spots still available to add patches – should the Cards continue their winning ways  😀

Adorable Update

In October, DeVon sent me a picture of her and her granddaughter attending a late 2016 pennant race game, snuggled up in her Cardinals quilt.  The team didn’t make World Series, but the two of them sure looked warm and happy nonetheless!


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