In a World Full of Grinches…

be a Cindy Lou Who.


Had some extra space on a Spoonflower custom fabric order, so I included the center to this charming little pillow.  My motto for the season!



  1. Cindi Whitten

    Love this !!
    Do you make the “Cindy Lu Who” pillows to sell ? If not , how can I get the print you used so I could make one mysel?
    It is so cute ,, & I love the saying , it should be everyone’s motto for this upcoming Christmas season 🙂

    • whimziequiltz

      Cindi – I’m glad you like the Cindy Lou Who pillow – with your name, it seems natural that you would! 😀 I don’t think I had extras of the pillow center made, but I’m pretty sure I had it printed at Spoonflower on just an 8″ x 8″ sample of their cotton knit. If you want, I’m happy to share the image file with you and you can order your own… might be easier than my printing it and then having ship to you after they ship to me. Contact me at deidre[at] and let me know. Thanks so much! D

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