“Slipping” Into Something a Bit More Grinch-y

Whoville Dining Set #DrSeuss #GrinchIf you saw yesterday’s post on my Grinch dining room decor, you probably won’t be surprised by today’s blog entry.

Once the table runner, placemats and napkins were laid out and everything turned into a pink, red and white Who-ville wonderland, our denim captain’s chairs didn’t quite fit in anymore.  Slipcovers to the rescue!


While I am a pretty great quilter (pause while I blush, humbly) I am a terrible seamstress.  Yes, Virginia, sewing and quilting are two very different things!  But, fortunately, these sewn slipcovers were super easy.

I glanced through a couple tutorials from Pinterest, decided to start Saturday morning, and by mid-afternoon I had 2 chair slipcovers and a bench slipcover done.  Easiest day of sewing I think I’ve ever had!

Amusing fact:  While we have two of these captain’s chairs in the dining room, the only one who ever sits on them is the cat.  Both have had broken legs, and I’m as good at repairing woodwork as I am at sewing, so people aren’t allowed!



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