“Whos” Coming for Dinner?

grinchmas1Last year I had the best time creating Grinch-themed holiday decorations for our living room, but this year, I realized something… there’s lots more rooms in our house!

So, I tossed a coin between the bedroom and the dining room, and the dining room won (don’t feel left out, bedroom – I’m coming for you next year.)

I started with an idea inspired by View from the Fridge –  a table runner with hand written lyrics from a favorite Christmas song.  I’d planned to do the same with the lyrics from “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”.  Then my husband suggested each placemat feature a stanza, and, well, that pulled the whole thing together…

Whoville Dining Set #DrSeuss #Grinch

Here’s close-ups of each placemat –

Whoville Placemats and Napkins #DrSeuss #Grinch

My lyrics were printed at Spoonflower on linen-cotton canvas.  Everything is quilted, except the coordinating fabric napkins, which were hemmed.  The candlesticks were a Christmas gift from a few years ago and I found the napkin rings and Grinch glasses on Ebay.

I love how everything turned out – so much so that no one will be eating anything even near this new dining set. Want to enjoy your Who hash, Who pudding and roast beast?  No problem!  That’s what they make paper plates and TV trays for.  🙂



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