These Pillows Were Simply Meant to Be

You know I love pillows, so a couple of months ago, when craftyStacy reposted her Jack Skellington and Sally t-shirt tutorial, I immediately thought, pillow shams!  (Well, TBH, the first thing I thought was “So jealous!” but the pillow thing went through my mind right after that.)

Jack Skellington & Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Pillow Shams by Whimzie Quiltz

I went with satin-stitch appliqué instead of craftyStacy’s reverse appliqué; it’s just the technique I’m most comfortable with.  And, while Jack has the classic scrappy border in tone-on-tone black fabrics that I use for most of my Whimzie Quiltz pillows, I went a little different with Sally. Her border is done with asymmetric piecing representing her crazy patchwork quilt clothes.  I was worried I wouldn’t have the right colors or patterns for her, but my stash came to the rescue once again (17+ years of collecting fabric FTW!)

tnbcfabricI used a black and white stripe accent on both to further the idea they go together and both have Camelot’s new “The Nightmare Before Christmas” fabric for the back.

I’m so grateful that craftyStacy shared her shirt idea as I couldn’t be more thrilled with how my pillow version turned out.  Forget trying to figure out if “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie – I’ll be displaying this duo around here all year long!



  1. Hannah

    Yep! You’re right! I do love them!!! You do such a great job!!! Thanks for sharing all your happy creations!!!

    On a side note: have you considered making an Alice in wonderland quilt?

    • whimziequiltz

      I’ve designed a few Carroll inspired quilts, Hannah, but the customers ended up not going through with their projects so nothing finished yet. If you’d be interested in seeing the ones I’ve drafted (or having one designed just for you) contact me at deidre (at) and I’d be happy to show those off, too (you’ve completely made, not just my day, but probably my month, with your kind comments!)

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