All Pincushions, All the Time

After months and months of doing nothing but work around the house, I was in the mood for a little frivolous pincushion-making fun this weekend…

Giving credit where credit is due for my new pieces, clockwise from the top left:

  • For the flamingo pincushion, I used this fabulous tutorial by Molly and Mama that was part of the & Stitches Summer Bloggin’ 2015 series
  •  Meghann at Mythosalamode kindly sent me two of her Weeping Angel finger puppets, unfinished, with some matching felt so I could create this double-sided Doctor Who pincushion
  • My voodoo doll pincushion was inspired by Cut Out + Keep; we both used Lori La Tortuga’s super helpful tutorial on DeviantArt
  • I loved Meghann’s work so much that I purchased an unfinished Grinch finger puppet from Mythosalamode too (and I might go back for more…)

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