Getting **it Done

When we first moved in we had two of the three bathrooms remodeled, saving the 3rd because we needed a place to shower during construction.  Who knew that would turn out to be a mistake?

By the time we decided to redo the last bathroom, we couldn’t find any contractors (any good contractors) willing to do such a small job.  They either quoted to high, didn’t bother to show up for a quote or called back to say they were taking a larger job…

So we decided to just buy the tile and piece the job out.  But at the tile store, the salesman asked if we had a contractor yet. Turns out, the store offered installation, too – and not just tile installation, but plumbing, electrical, etc.

Although their online reviews were poor, at this point we were so over it, we just said “What the hell, come quote.”  Surprisingly, he showed up on time for our initial meeting, got the quote back to me when he said he would and the cost was reasonable for a small project like this.

So we hired them.  I’m not sure if those other reviewers were working with evil twins, but we experienced no problems! Everyone we worked with was friendly and professional and the job went smoothly from start to finish. (Too be fair, the timeline pushed out a bit, but it’s construction.  Having had a 3-day job take 3 months in the past, the extra 4 days on this project didn’t bother me at all.)

And it turned out beautifully –


Once the main remodel was done, hubby and I did a few additional projects ourselves.  All three were Pinterest-inspired, but I added some personal touches along the way  –

The in-wall shelves are something I’m particularly proud of.  Since we put in a pedestal sink to open the space up, we needed some storage.  These not only keep the extra toilet paper handy, but they look great, too!

The hexagon shelves looked like they were made of popsicle sticks the whole time I was putting them together.  I nearly scrubbed the project – several times – fearing they would be too tacky.  But, in the end, they actually add a sophisticated touch to the decor.

And, well, the wood-mounted toilet seat and toilet paper patents just make me laugh.

We’re so relieved to have this bathroom done (it was the last room in the whole house we needed to remodel.)  I know we were amazingly lucky, too.  We took a chance that the online reviews didn’t tell the whole story, and while it turned out well for us, it could easily have gone really, really wrong.

Still, it’s nice to finally have **it done around here.


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