Spring Has Sprung at Whimzie Quiltz

I may have started with spring cleaning, but I’ve moved way beyond that now – I’m into total spring organizing, with a hefty dose of spring color, too!

First up is a chest of drawers I’ve had in my sewing room for a while.  I wasn’t using it to it’s fullest capacity and it looked a little plain.  No more!  I recovered the fronts of all the drawers in scrappy, happy pink and orange fabrics –


And once the chest looked so much cuter, I decided it could be useful after all.  Every drawer is now organized and ordered – and full!  (I even covered the drawer dividers themselves with a pretty pink and orange fabric.  I’m telling you, I really got into this…)

Next, I created a quilted organizer for my fusible and stabilizers that hangs on the back of the door.  This gets them out of the bin I’d been storing them (where they just kept un-rolling and mixing together.  Could never find what I needed when I needed it.)  Now everything is rolled, neatly pocketed and handy –


Since my brand color scheme is pink and orange, I’ve been collecting these pink and orange fabrics for a while.  Decorating with them is so bright, scrappy and fun – and seeing every thing come together puts a little spring in my step whenever I start to sew!

Tee hee – when my husband looked in last night he said, “Well, it certainly is energetic in here.”


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