Useless to Useful

It wasn’t so long ago that giant TVs had not only big screens, but big behinds – literally, there were so many parts and wires behind the screen that homes had designated cutouts in the wall just to hide the back part of the television.  We had one of these under our stairs.

Today’s flat screens take up much less room, which left us with a giant useless hole in the wall.  (For a while, I kept a bench in the space, but you couldn’t actually sit on it without bumping your head, rendering two things useless.)

So we decided to make the space useful again.  Our solution is a quilt storage cabinet.  It probably doesn’t surprise you that I have a lot of quilts 😀  Well, now I have a beautiful built-in cabinet to keep them in…

quilt cabinet

Can’t wait for the stain to cure so I can get all my quilts lovingly displayed!  I’ll be sure to post an update with that picture, too.




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