Precious Panda Baby Quilt

A couple of months ago, a friend mentioned she was about to become a first time grandmother. She was so happy about it, it was just really cute to see.

We do not know her daughter well and didn’t know whether the baby would be a boy or a girl.  But, I’m a quilter, and I still wanted to make her a baby quilt, of course.

Since my friend was so happy about her impending “grandma-hood”, I started playing with the idea of a quilt that would remind baby of grandma specifically.  Maybe it could even be a quilt that stays at specifically at grandma’s house here in San Diego for whenever baby comes to visit?

Sunny San Diego is known for a lot of things, but the San Diego Zoo is probably near the top of everyone’s list.  And what is the SD Zoo most known for?  It’s pandas.  Thus was born her San Diego Panda Baby quilt.

SDPandaBabyNot having a lot of time, I went with a classic prairie point pattern that I’ve used in the past.  (I do love those prairie points for their dimensional qualities – great for baby to play with!)  The shade of green felt fresh and modern, and it was fun to redesign the center medallion as a panda face, too.  Didn’t he end up with the cutest little expression?

Overall, this quilt has a fun “San Diego” vibe to me.  I hope my friend’s precious first grand baby makes lots of great memories with it at grandma’s San Diego home!


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