A Quilt Worth Hibernating With

I’m of that age that when someone mentions the Chicago Bears, the first thing I think of is the “SuperBowl Shuffle”.  Or, I used to.  Now the first thing that will come to mind is this fabulous “Family of Bears Fans” quilt made for customer Nioka H.


Starting with her first email (she filled out my contact form online,) I could tell how much she loved two things – her family and her team.  It was very important that her wedding date and children’s names were a prominent part of the final quilt.

Classic Bear Paw blocks were a natural fit for this design, but I brought a bit of modern to the look by breaking them up around the center focal point of the Bears’ logo.   It’s a bit hard to tell in the photo, but I also used two blue fabrics. Given the sheer size of this quilt, I thought that was a nice way to give the pattern some extra movement (didn’t want the quilt to be too uniform ~ get it? 😀 Football. Uniform. I crack myself up.)

toobigAnd it is a HUGE quilt!  You can see above that it was taller than the wall space I had for photographing and almost too wide.  This snapshot gives you bit better look at the perspective.  The final score was 98″  by 105″.

I promised Nioka it would be done by the end of February and, as the days ticked by, I was afraid I might need an overtime.  I made the deadline though, as promised, but it took every minute of two full months to finish this quilt project.

BearsBigPillowSince this was a king quilt, I  made coordinating king sized pillow shams to go with it.  But I also created four of my signature “BIG Pillow for a BIG Fan” shams as a thank you for her order.  Since the names of her four children were such an important part of the quilt design, it made me think that each of them might like a quilted Chicago Bears memento, as well!


I think she may have liked her quilt.  This was the email I received from Nioka after it was finished…

OMG!!! It is just gorgeous!!!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!!!


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