Gather Round This Table

After rearranging our living room furniture for the holidays, we liked the layout so much we decided to keep it when the Christmas trees came down.  But the new design left a blank area next to our big blue chair that was begging for a side table.  Yay, another WINQ (When I’m Not Quilting) project!

Pinterest came to the rescue once again and we settled on this industrial look charmer:


When I first saw the project, I thought this would be a cheap, easy DIY.  It was easy – really easy – but not cheap.  I had no idea that metal plumbing parts were so cha-ching!  Especially since you need so many individual parts.

That’s why this ended up being a round table instead of rectangular.  That way I could use 3 legs instead of 4 and cut the cost by ¼.  I did find an online specialty source for the pipe and flanges that, even with shipping, was cheaper than the local hardware store.  If you decide to make one of these tables yourself, I’d definitely recommend checking out Essential Hardware.

The table rounds were from Home Depot (they have two sizes; I chose the approximately 18″ ones for mine.)  Make sure you get two that look like they were cut from the tree – I actually had to stain 3 to get 2 rounds that looked similar!

And one final tip on construction – screw the flanges to the bottom of the top wood piece, attach the pipe AND the second set of flanges.  Then turn THE WHOLE THING right side up and screw into the bottom wood piece.  If you attach all the flanges first, there’s no way to screw three separate pipes in!  (I did not make this mistake, but I came way too close before I went “Wait!  That’s not going to work!”)


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