What’s Piecing Me Off Today

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE quilting.  But when things keep going wonky in the sewing room, I can’t help but get frustrated.  Here’s a list of what’s piecing me off today –

  • Cutting and sewing this current quilt is taking so much l…o…n…g…e…r than I planned.
  • Found out only by washing my new quilt that I missed a spot when it was on the long arm.
  • The fabric I just washed has wrinkles that won’t iron out no matter how much sizing I use or how hot the iron is.
  • Despite thousands of bolts of fabric on the market, the exact shade of yellow I’m looking for doesn’t exist.


I hope tomorrow is a better quilting day!



  1. CraftyStaci

    I was just fabric shopping yesterday in the enormous fabric store we have here, and I had the same problem with yellow. There isn’t much yellow out there right now, and the ones I could find were a weird color. What’s so frustrating about that is that there is yellow in the prints! I guess we’ll have to wait out the trend!

    • whimziequiltz

      Unfortunately, I always seem to be off trend 😀 When I need jade, teal is popular. When I need burgundy, orange-red is popular. And don’t get me started on blue-grey versus taupe-grey! Good luck with your yellow quest, tho.

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