Come on By for Some Roast Beast

Giant Who StockingsA couple of years ago, my husband and I were looking for something new and different to do over the holidays.  I’d heard San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre put on an annual  production of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” and we decided to check it out.

I was blown away.

Dr. Seuss’s holiday classic was always a favorite of mine, but seeing it produced as a live action play was amazing.  It has literally become the driving influence behind my decorating for every Christmas since then.  I’m slowing turning my home into a Whoville wonderland – in the traditional book colors of black, white, red and pink – each December.

I started by quilting two giant Whoville stockings and coordinating “Welcome Christmas” pillows for our foyer in 2014.  This year, though, I’ve really kicked it up a notch!


First up were the two whimsical trees in white, purchased after Christmas last year.  Since I already had several traditional trees, I didn’t want to spend a lot on these, so to save money, I went small.  Placing them on 5-gallon paint buckets gives them more presence and covering the buckets with red and white Minkee fabric “bags” makes it look like the Grinch is almost ready to stuff them “up the chimbley!”

Because we have a cat, I needed unbreakable ornaments and was super lucky to find the one source on the entire world wide web that still sells old-fashioned satin ball ornaments, The Craft Place (they also provided the oversized foam wreath that I used above the mantle.)

Our fireplace is non-working, but that was a blessing once I decided to cover it with a painting of the Grinch.  Geisel’s drawings were too detailed for me recreate in paint, so I went with an image from the Chuck Jones’ animated special.  Finding the right size to fill the opening was made a lot easier with the array of canvas sizes available at Dick Blick Art Materials.

Merry Merry Banner and Stockings Close-UpAbove the fireplace hang the Who stockings.  Those were a lucky find at the Crafting Daily Etsy shop.  Each one has one of our nieces’ or nephews’ names on it and they are hung on wire just like in the book.

The Merry Merry banner is double thick felt hung using oversized roofing nails that I colored black with a Sharpie.  The wreath was a simple project once I found a textural white yarn to wrap it in (I noticed this year even bigger yarns for arm knitting are popular; these would have been perfect, but I like how mine turned out well enough.)  I think I’ll keep looking for a black bow, but the red flocked one from JoAnn’s works  for right now.  And the bell – which actually rings – came from another craft store.

Roast Beast DIYI originally tried to purchase a fake food turkey to paint white for the roast beast, but the cost on those was astronomical.  Ended up going with Charming Doodle’s Easy DIY Felt Turkey free pattern to create the centerpiece.  More satin ornaments provide the accents and the the cheap plastic tray painted pink looks great, don’t you think?  The wonky candlesticks were a gift I’ve had for a while, but I’m sure something similar could be made easily.

I’m still working on projects to expand the Whoville theme to other locations around our house, but the holidays are fast approaching and those might have to wait until next year to debut.  Still, I did want to share a couple of final projects.  One is this giant ornament painted with a favorite quote about Mr. Grinch:

Stink Stank Stunk and Holiday Card Display

The ornament came from Hobby Lobby, but it was a seasonal item and I’m not sure they still have them available.  The font, though, is still available online. It’s called “Grinched” and I downloaded it from DaFont.

The trim around the door is display for our holiday cards.  I saw online where someone taped cards around their doorway and it looked so cool.  But our wall is textured and cards just wouldn’t stick!  I decided not to let that stop me. 😀  With a few small pink, red and white clothespins (that I got from Michele at The Little Red Cottage ) glued to moulding from Home Depot our doorway is ready to now hold all the Christmas cards coming our way!

I’ve got to admit, I don’t want to take down all this fun Grinch-y decor!  Maybe Christmas at my house this year will – perhaps – last a little more…


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