Family Matters

I’m not usually one to make generalizations, but I have found over the last 11 years that making a quilt for a male customer frequently differs from working with a female customer.

Male customers usually fill out my order form with a minimum of information – “White and pink; romantic.”

And they are often quick to make decision – “I like Option #2.  How do we go from here?”

This matter of factness, though, seems to be a cover for a deep sentimental side.  In the first place, these men are looking to buy a soft, warm quilt – which is a much more thoughtful and sensitive choice than, say, a hardened steel art piece.  And when you start to look deeper into those male responses…

Consider this order from Mark S.  Those brief answers above are his.  For the “additional information” question, all he wrote was a quote and 3 names.

But I could read between the lines.  For one thing, it was a gift for his wife “just because”.  Including her favorite saying as well as his and her names and the name of their son was  all very sweet and very sentimental.  Family obviously matters to this family man.  Which made working on this family quilt for him a delight.


If you’ve read the stories behind my quilt orders for any time, you are probably aware that often include a “thank you” gift with purchase.  In this case, the decision on what to include was easy – I sent along a quilted checkerboard.  I hope the whole S. family has as much fun playing together as they do curling up with the pretty pink quilt Mark ordered.


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