Breaking All My Rules

I get so frustrated by Springs fabric.

Even non-quilters are probably familiar with Springs Creative fabrics.  If you pass by the craft section at Walmart and notice the licensed fabrics – Disney Princesses, Marvel superheroes, Hello Kitty, John Deere – those are  manufactured by Springs.

With such an array of favorite characters, their designs are easy to fall in love with.  Their quality makes you quickly fall out of love, though.  The feel of Springs fabric is rough and it wears through easily.  I will not use Springs in a keepsake quality Whimzie quilt, no matter what.

But recently, I made a quilt based on “The Nightmare Before Christmas” for a customer.  Springs has a panel featuring Jack Skellington that is so darn adorable that I – kind of – broke my hard and fast rule…

Jack Skellington Pillow

Like I said, I didn’t use the panel in her quilt.  But I did use it make a fun pillow sham that I sent along as a thank you.  I like to think of it as a brief foray into something different – like Jack with Christmas 🙂 – before returning to what I know is best.

And since the pillow was free, when it doesn’t last forever, hopefully she won’t be too disappointed.  Especially since she’ll still have her custom Whimzie quilt for sure!



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