Modern Memories

Every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in…

I keep saying no more custom memory quilts. Creating a unique quilt, one unlike any anything you can find mass marketed, the quilt “you’ve always wanted” is what Whimzie Quiltz excels at. But most people wanting a memory quilt want a simple, traditional design that highlights their t-shirts or baby clothes and, frankly, there are other quilting companies that can do that just as well for less.

Every once in a while, though, someone comes to me with a story that touches me. And, once again, I offer to create a special, meaningful quilt from fabric memories.

Jodi S. is a military wife. Through her husband’s various deployments, she’s packed and moved their family a number of times – with more moves on the horizon. Repeatedly boxing up her growing son’s baby clothes was getting overwhelming, but she didn’t want to lose those precious memories. A custom memory quilt was the answer.

Dino Memory Quilt

Because a lot of her son’s clothes were dinosaur-related, she briefly considered a dinosaur theme to her quilt, but ultimately wanted something a bit more timeless. We settled on a modern grey square in a square design with grey and white chevron backing. I repeated the chevron element in the quilting. (This was the first time I used a long arm ruler for the entire quilt top. It made straight lines so much easier I wondered what took me so long!)

Jodi was very appreciative of her modern memories quilt –

I can’t thank you enough! It is absolutely beautiful and more than I hoped for. My husband is totally impressed too and we both just spent time reminiscing over our memories of our now, 7 year old. This blanket will be loved for many years & hopefully through another generation.

Oh, right! Now I’m reminded why I occasionally take on a memory quilt… because they mean so much in the end. Worth it. So worth it.


Dino CheckerboardSince we didn’t get to do dinosaurs in the quilt, I snuck in a dinosaur quilted checkerboard as a thank you for her purchase. Knowing how often I lose games to my nieces and nephews, I’m not sure whether this was a good choice or a bad one… either way, Good luck, Jodi!


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