Home Sweet Holmes

I am anxiously awaiting the return of the world’s only consulting detective and his one friend (hurry up and film season 4, Moffat!)

In the meantime, I’m getting my Sherlock fix through quilting, creating this life-size 221B Baker Street quilt just for me.
Sherlock 221B Quilt
221b DoorThe door is as realistic as I could make it, working from official photos and filming stills. The door knocker is definitely simplified from the actual (cut me a little slack, I’m working in fabric here!) but the shape is right, and the 221b brass numbers are spot on. My dear friend Shirley, over at Embroidery by Shirley, helped with the letters on the mail slot; it may not open, but it sure looks like it could!

The door quilting is another nod to authenticity. I went with a woodgrain design, knots and all, using my sewing room door as a template (Seriously! I kept looking over at it while I was working to make sure the knots were in the right places. 😀 ) It’s similar to the motif on the Tardis quilt I finished last year.

Sherlock WallpaperThe wallpaper element is as close as I could get with mass-produced fabrics. The black-to-white ratio is similar on my damask print (many of the damasks available today were too black) though the actual floral design of the wallpaper in Sherlock’s apartment is less ornate. Still, the idea comes through.

Originally, the only non-black/white on the quilt was going to be the yellow bored face, but there wasn’t enough damask yardage available from the store to stretch the length of the quilt. I was pretty distraught to realize that, let me tell you! However, that turned out to a serendipitous problem as adding the yellow strip to the bottom to fill out the space actually improves the overall design.

Crown FabricI struggled a bit with the backing fabric for this quilt, too. I thought about just a tone-on-tone yellow like the front and was leaning in that direction… until I saw Riley Blake’s Sparkle crowns in black! How perfect is that for bringing a touch of James “Honey, you should see me in a crown” Moriarty to the quilt? I giggle every time I see it.

I’ve heard about this year’s Christmas special (Sherlock and John in Victorian England! Lestrade with muttonchops!) and I couldn’t be more excited. And now I have the perfect quilt to curl up with while watching!



  1. Diane

    Quite a 4th Sherlock Season! I love this quilt, you are clever and talented! Such a beautiful job you’ve done. It’s inspiring.

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