What’s Black & White & Red All Over?

Nope, not a newspaper.  

Or a zebra with a sunburn.  

Not even an embarrassed nun.

The answer is customer Shaylene L.’s new wedding guest book quilt from Whimzie Quiltz and More.

Wedding Guest Book Quilt

She wanted to maintain the polka dot theme and the black/white/red color scheme from her wedding in this piece. Together we found a way to keep both and still emphasize the wonderful messages written by friends and family.

The photo of the happy couple is what makes this wallhanging, though. So I was a bit worried when she wrote me

I have attached the picture that I would like for the middle of the quilt. It isn’t perfect but it is the closest one I have to what I wanted.

Nobody wants to have a disappointed bride, especially not her custom quilter!

Turns out the issue was one of the dogs had moved right before the picture was snapped so he was too far away from the group. That I could fix! I used the recompose function in Photoshop to scootch the little guy over a smidge and… happy bride/happy quilt customer!

Wedding Photo PillowWhen I have a photo printed on fabric, I usually include a couple copies just in case there’s a flaw in the fabric or damage during shipping. Since I had an extra of Shaylene’s photo, I went ahead and created this little decorative pillow for her to have as well. It was originally going to be more simple, but when I saw that red polka dot flower at JoAnn’s I knew it was meant to be!


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