Which Came First?

Which came first, the chicken or the chicken feeder pincushion? Yep, that’s what I used as the base of my newest pincushion…

Chicken Feeder Pincushion

The original idea came from Karen over at the Sew Many Ways blog. She cleverly saw a thread holder in a pretty random item from the farm supply store – a galvanized chicken feeder. The holes are meant to keep the chicks heads from bumping into each other, but a spool of hand quilting thread fits the space nicely, too. My pincushion came from an old pair of jeans, cut up and rolled to fit the ring where a mason jar usually goes. I added a bit of red gingham trim and denim colored ribbon to “country-fy” my version even more.

Rather than add to my pincushion collection (which, truthfully, is getting pretty full), this one is going to become my new daily driver. I love the idea of having my thread as handy as my needles! All I need now is a coordinating country-chic way to hold my binding clips and I’m set. Any ideas?



  1. cindindy

    I am making myself one of these clever little chicken feeder pin cushions. I am making my pin cushion with wool to help keep my pins sharp. I plan to add a ruffle around the bottom of the pin cushion insert that I can clip my wonder clips onto. I also bought a chicken waterer that I am working on making a pin / wonder clip cushion from.

    • whimziequiltz

      Cool, Cindy – I like your idea for wool. I’m finding I wrapped my denim a bit too tight and it’s hard to get the needles in sometimes. But wool wouldn’t have that problem. Would love for you to link here to a picture of yours when it’s done if you have time. Good luck!

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