A New WINQ (When I’m Not Quilting) Project

A person cannot quilt 24/7/365. At the very least you need to stop to eat and – briefly – sleep. And, I’ll admit it, I sometimes get a thrill out of cheating on my quilts with other crafts. I call them WINQ projects, or things to do When I‘m Not Quilting.

A couple of months ago, we took some visiting relatives wine tasting (a favorite WINQ activity!) At one of the winery shops there was a “peace post”. Peace posts are actually part of a whole movement to create brightly painted fence posts with positive messages and install them as yard art. Google image searches turn up lots of examples.

I decided my post would tie into my Kansas roots with a “Dorothy of Oz” theme. Added bonus – our front door and porch bench are black with cream accents so the design fit perfectly.

Home Post

My husband talked me into redwood fence posts since this art would have to stand up to the tough weather conditions here in Southern California. 😀 Home Depot made the multiple cuts (thank you, very patient Home Depot employee!) and I sanded, primed and painted the posts, which is about 6 weeks of work condensed into 3 words. We poured a little fast-drying cement around the bottom to increase stability and placed it right near the front of the house where we can’t get anything to grow.

I’m ridiculously proud of this project, though I’m not entirely sure why. There was just something about it… how it brought together a bunch of different ideas but ultimately ended up with a very ‘me’ vibe, too. I’m so excited to be welcomed by it every day when I come home. There really is no place like it!


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