A Canoe to Say Adieu

50+ years is a long time to attend the same summer camp. Think about it, 50+ seasons, first as a camper, then as a counselor. All the hikes.. all the canoe rides… all the campfires…

How do you celebrate when, after all this time, your father has finally decided to retire from his summer adventures? Well, if you are customer Suzanne M., you have a canoe pillow sham custom created just for him.

Canoe Pillow Sham

Suzanne asked that I obscure some details for copyright reasons, but the quilting on this one is so cool, I wanted to share it even if you can’t see everything. In keeping with the great outdoors theme, the stitching on the beige background is pebble quilting (hopefully you can see the great texture it created.) And there are gentle waves quilted into the canoe. The wave quilting was my husband’s idea when I was stuck – I’ll turn him into a quilter yet!

But what I really wish is that I could better represent the scale of this piece – as a 20″ x 60″ body pillow, the canoe is almost life-size. While I enjoyed making this pillow sham for Suzanne, I have to admit this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to an actual canoe. I’ll take a custom quilted version over the real thing any day! 😀


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