Soft Rock

The title to this post is so fitting because by “soft rock” I literally mean how comfy and cuddly this oversized quilted guitar pillow sham is!

It’s a sweet gift for a customer’s musically-inclined sister, just to let her know how much she’s appreciated. (Check out the little “You’re My Rock” in the corner – that was the customer’s idea and it’s the perfect touch!)

You're My Rock Guitar Pillow

I loved working with the oversized pillow form for this sham. It’s 14″ x 28″ which gives you lots of room to create long designs, like the guitar here or this flamingo pillow from a few months ago.

Jo Ann’s now carries this as a standard/in stock pillow form, so I’ve got a lot of other e-x-t-e-n-d-e-d ideas floating around that I hope to make soon.

And if you’ve always wanted a custom quilted cuddling pillow like this for yourself, give me a shoutout at deidre [at]…


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