Balancing the Cosmic Quilt Scales

New York Giants University of Michigan QuiltIn March, I finished a quilt for customer Nick G. As I usually do, I hung it on the wall for photos and suddenly realized there was flaw in the fabric! I don’t know if it came that way from the factory or had been exposed to sunlight at the store, but there were several large areas of faded color on the NY side of the quilt (click on the image to enlarge it and you can see what I mean).

This sort of stuff doesn’t bother me on quilt I’m making for myself – small flaws make my quilts even more personal – but for a customer’s quilt? It just wasn’t right.

So I offered Nick the choice of me remaking his quilt with new fabric or making a similar sized quilt with a new design. He chose the latter, and fittingly, wanted a taijitu, or yin yang pattern for this one. What better way to show I was correcting the mistakes of his first quilt with the offer of a second? It’s as if the universe itself created a way of balancing the cosmic quilt scales.

Yin Yang Quilt

I loved the detail that went into this quilt – the unique light and dark teal color scheme; the meticulous piecing of the circular symbols; making sure that each side was a perfect replica of the other; insuring the symmetry all the way down to the y-seams in the binding at the corners.

Just looking at it makes me feel my custom quilt karma is balanced again.


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