The Most Expensive Fabric I’ve Ever Purchased

Dottie Steel FabricTake a look at this fabric – nothing special, right? Just some tiny white dots on a grey background. If pressed, you’d probably say it was a pretty good modern blender, but would you believe it’s the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased?

It didn’t start off that way. It’s actually called “Dottie” and I ordered 1 yd of it in the gray color way on Etsy for a pretty reasonable $9.50/yd. With shipping, the total cost was about $13/yd, but I really needed it, so I ordered. But when I got the fabric, the color was more taupe-y beige, not what I’d call gray at all. I contacted the seller to ask if there had been a mix-up.

In the meantime, I did some more research and it turns out Moda DOES call this beige color gray; the color I wanted is called steel! I quickly sent off an apology to the seller and did a Google search to find the steel. Another store had it in stock, so I ordered a yard there and to make the shipping worth it, bought a few more grays, too. Total cost at this shop $26.50.

Minutes after I placed that order, the original shop owner contacted me. She had the steel in stock and generously offered to send me return postage and exchange the fabric. It was such a sweet offer – after all, the mistake was mine! – but I couldn’t take advantage of a small business person that way. So I offered to mail it back to her ($3.50 first class parcel) with postage to cover the replacement yard, too ($3.50 first class parcel).

Adding it all up, I’m in $46.50 for this fabric! Admittedly, I’m getting 2 yds and a few half yards of the other grays, but if I hadn’t messed it up in the first place, I wouldn’t have purchased those. So, there you are – the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased. This quilt better be worth it!


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