Be a Flamingo (Pillow) in a Flock of Pigeons

Pink Flamingo PillowJo Ann’s introduced a 14″ x 28″ pillow form recently and I wanted to try the new size out… this long-legged pink flamingo design seems apropos for such a tall pillow, does it not?

The damask for the background is leftover from another project, but I thought it goes well with the pink and orange (or is that “flamin-goes” well 😀 ?)

And, since I was just playing around with this piece, I tried out a new technique, too – a Cathedral Window border. It’s the pink fabric/orange button accent overlapping the black and white stripe. You can click thru on the picture to see it larger.

Cathedral windows do take a bit more work, but the unique ribbon-like look makes this pillow pretty special. After all, with so many quilted pillows around here, a new one’s got to stand tall to stand out!


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