Boston Pink Sox Double Play

2011 was my 7th year as a custom quilter. To celebrate, I held a “7 Year Stitch” contest, giving away a $77 gift certificate to one lucky Whimzie Quiltz customer.

Pink Sox Quilt ISara F. was the winner. Earlier she had had me create a pink Boston Red Sox quilt for her new baby girl, but wasn’t sure what she wanted to use the gift certificate on. We followed up with each other a couple of times over the next year or so, but nothing caught her fancy and slowly both of us forgot.

Fast forward to 2015 tax season and I notice I still have her gift certificate on the books! I contacted her with a reminder and learned that, since the last time we’d spoke, she’d had another little girl. Having a pink Red Sox baby quilt made for daughter #2 was the perfect way to finally use her winnings.

We decided to create a design that was similar to the first quilt, but not exactly the same. We kept the pink color scheme and the scrappy fabrics, but played with the layout a bit to come up with this…

Pink Sox Quilt II

Creating baby quilts for a team’s newest fans are so much fun and I’m glad I got to make these unique keepsakes for Sara’s little “rookies of the year”. It took a while, but these two Pink Sox quilts make for a great double play!


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