“A” Simple Quilt

Crib BeddingMy professional quilt style tends to be a bit more on the bright side, so I don’t often get requests for shabby chic designs.  But Lauren G. wanted a simple baby quilt to match her already chosen crib bedding and that I could do.

The quilt was going to be primarily a wall hanging, so we went with a single initial in antique pink providing the focus.  To complement the shabby chic elements, I added a thin border in the same pink fabric, but ruched it for texture and dimension.  The cross-grid quilting is clean and classic and doesn’t overwhelm the unassuming design.

Shabby Chic Quilt

Shabby Chic Tooth Fairy PillowEspecially with baby quilt orders, I like to add in a little ‘gift with purchase’, often a tooth fairy pillow. I went the complete opposite of the classically simple quilt when making a complementary sham for this order.

There’s lace!
and bows!
and swirly fabrics!

Any more embellishments on this adorable little pillow and the tooth fairy would never find the tooth. 🙂


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