What A Wonderful Little World

I try not to get too caught up in trendy things, preferring a more classic look, especially in my home decor. But this new fascination with globes is both trendy and classic and, I must admit, I’ve been sucked in. I’ve pinned a couple of different globe ideas — the chalkboard one, the one with favorite sayings painted over the continents — but it wasn’t until I saw a vintage globe pincushion on Etsy that I knew I’d found the one I wanted in my home.

When I say this was a vintage pincushion, I’m not lying. It was stuffed with sawdust! Well, it was stuffed with sawdust at one time. But the time I came across it, the stuffing was leaking out all over the place.

I carefully unstitched the pink fabric (which had faded considerably) to use as a pattern and refashioned the pincushion part using a black and gold metallic plaid that has been in my stash for ages.

Next I tried polishing the frame with DIY brass polish, but really the piece had been tarnished for way too long. Brasso ended up being a worker of miracles (first time I’ve ever used it; now I ❤ that stuff!)

Globe Pincushion

The final piece turned out beautifully and it’s exactly what I wanted to add to my pincushion collection. And now I can finally stop pinning globes over on Pinterest!



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